History of Atletico DEPCC

El Paso Title IX is a historical legislation that requires you to understand the finances of the masculine and feminine sports.

It also promotes basic discrimination in sex for the educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. The 50th Annual Tutorial IX was held on 23rd June, 2022, and El Paso Community College (EPCC) commemorates this historical anniversary with the story of Merari Valenzuela, a student athlete who attended the EPCC Corros Campus. graduated with an Associated Article in 2018.

Merari Valenzuela will take care of her car more often if she fails. Era 2017 in Topeka, Kansas, where the EPCC equipment in the mediocre marathon of the NJCAA team. The idea that if you reach the milla one of the carrera of 13.1 millas, you will see that the piranhas fall. When you go through the trainer Felix Hinojosa cruises the colina on his bike day to ask: “¿Te vas a rendir ahora?” From Murari’s arm de Velor and the dejo que no, trying to complete the record and collaborating on the final. Get rid of the medical carcass that is being treated for a nerve stroke in the lungs. EMS commented that there were no securities that would end the career.

Merari SE promotes his perseverance in this career and contributes to the equipo gane el segundo lugar en la maratencia media competency and the academic equivalent of año. This experience makes sense to me that “the obstacles in your life are inevitable, but it depends on you determining your future”.

Change en an atleta universitario fue el sueño de Merari desde muy joven. We want to be at the end of the day at El Paso High School, when the EPCC offers a little something to do. Luego, when he last saw the rodilla in a practice of the balloon of the temporal comrades, which was devastating. Merari opted to perceive the rest of the balloon of the tempo and some to a surrogate, with the expectation of being able to read his objection to the universe. The recuperation of the surrogate fugitive. Merari Tow Cue Apprentice A Caminer de Niveo Yo No Podo Correr Dorante Ocho Mess. Cuando corrió, sintió dolor en la posteree posterior de la rodilla. For the sake of Hinojosa the trainee, he puts on his daily shirt and does not read his first letter in the EPCC, completely absorbing and recuperating. The second time I read it. All the time that I was in the EPCC, the trainer Hinojosa had the mantle with a very complete academic.

L. Prof. de Caniciology de E.P.C. Studio EPCC “The most important thing is that we have the opportunity to use our athletic skills to compensate for the lack of education. “We predicted that a GPA would be even more important in the new university of Catte d’Ivoire.

Merari graduated from EPCC in 2018 with a license in Biology. “This is my academic acumen in EPCC. Get the final D’Carera Academica NEPCC, GPAD 3.95. Debido my academic acumen in EPCC, get two academic students to support NMSU.” Merari graduated from the University of New Mexico in Biology in 2020 with a specialization in Chemistry and Biochemistry. From this moment on, he has been working as a medical practitioner and is actually soliciting to teach schools to convert to medical assistants.

Merari is accredited by everyone who learns like Atleta and in the salon classes that live in EPCC, about everything, is content because she learns about herself. “The EPCC has convinced me that there is no such thing in this life as regulation and with dedication and dedication all is possible. Universidad no solo me brindó educación, sino que también me enseñó cómo prioritize my vida, autodisciplina y determinación”.

EPCC celebrates the IX title in its Universities and many students-athletes like Merari who competed, learned and applied their skills in EPCC.