How ‘Lady Killer’ John Cannon became the main culprit in the murder of Susie Lamplog.

Over the years, ties have grown stronger between John Cannon, the soft, smooth public school-educated assassin, and the missing estate agent, Susie Lamplog. And the flames were kindled by the Sutton Coldfield monster itself, an author claims to have exchanged hundreds of letters with the prisoner.

Cannon, living in 1987 for the rape and murder of Shirley Banks, a newlywed from Bristol, is nearing the end of her life. A 68-year-old man is being treated for paralysis at Phil Sutton Prison.

Susie, aged 25, disappeared in 1986 after a potential buyer, known only as Mr. Keeper, traveled to Falhan to show off the property. Eight years later, he was officially pronounced dead.

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Her family has pleaded with the killer not to take her secret to the grave. Brother Richard said: “I would like Canon to tell us, if he knows, what happened to Soz.

“After all these years, I would like him to finally tell us what happened. It means a lot to the family.”

Christopher Barry D says the appeal will put a smile on Cannon’s face. The 74-year-old says Canon likes to play with spies.

He began searching for Susie’s body in vain. Former girlfriend Fred Galley Page told police that Cannon had suggested that Susie be buried in Norton Barracks, Worcestershire.

Susie Lamplug was 25 when she went missing.
(Photo: Mirrorpix)

A fellow inmate claimed that Cannon had buried the body in his mother’s former home in Sutton Coldfield. In the background, Canon pulls the strings.

He has teased those who accused him of being responsible for the woman’s abduction. He has made sure that he remains the main suspect in the unresolved case, and publicly curses his accusers.

John Cannon
John Cannon

He sent a letter to a lawyer when, in 2002, spies publicly expressed their belief that he had killed Susie. From behind bars, Cannon sent a letter of complaint to Sutton News following the wet page claims. He wrote: “Can I assure you, it is true that I lifted the ice skater wet page from Bristol to Birmingham, where both our families live, I never said that I Has raped and Miss Lamplog has been murdered.

In 2019, he spoke to the Sunday Mirror in a cell phone call from his cell before the first parole bid. He said: “I had no hand in the disappearance of Susie Lamplog. I am concerned that the police will use Susie’s disappearance to undermine my chances of parole.

“My concern is that smelling me has become a rule, not an exception.” Even so, the dark shadow of a terrible crime has long haunted Kenan as his life is gone.

An artist’s impression of the mysterious Mr. Keeper bears a striking resemblance to that of a murderer. Prior to the Lamplog case, he was known to some inmates as “Keeper”.

0 Suzy Lamplugh P 245624
Police are searching the garden in Sutton Coldfield.
(Photo: Francis Hawkins /

There were even rumors that she and Susie had a date: Police speculated on a theory that when Susie disappeared, she was planning to end the brief affair. There is hope for Susie’s family, according to the Mirror. A former spy has revealed that the DNA found in the victim’s unmarked vehicle may have belonged to the killer.

Jim Dickey said a small sample was taken from a faded fingerprint on a white Ford Festa’s rearview mirror, which was taken by the state agent to meet with Mr. Keeper on July 28. Forensic scientists failed to extract a profile from it in 2000 when Mr Dickie was leading the investigation, but he hopes it could happen now.

Mr Berry D insisted it was another vehicle, a yellow money club belonging to the murdered Shirley Banks, which provided the clearest evidence. It’s a four-wheeled satire on spies about the twisted narcissist’s modus operandi. Registration Plate – SLP 386S – is a coded acknowledgment.

SLP, he said, means Susie. Mr Barry insisted that the “3” reference was to the number of victims: he believed that Cannon had also assassinated South Coast Insurance Clerk Sandra Court in 1986. Finally, “86” was the year of Susie’s death.

“There is no other explanation for this number plate,” Mr. Barry D told me. “He is a dangerous player and the trouble is that the truth is tied up in a pile of lies and no one bothers to open it.”

Canon remains a matter of criminal confusion. He was, of course, a ladies man who had attractive girlfriends.

John Cannon
John Cannon

He came from a privileged middle class background. She had charisma and charm. There was also intellect. He also said God-fearing:

The thick dossier of letters sent to Mr. Barry D. is filled with references to the King James Bible canon, which contained all the ingredients needed to make the city a suitable, successful work, but it was endangered by internal demons and flaming anger. Changed

Mr Berry-D believes the murderous desire was rooted in a sense of inadequacy. Canon wanted to enjoy the success of his father, who ran a car dealership, but lacked business acumen.

He was given a job in the family business, but he felt that washing cars and making cotton was under his control. Feelings of failure led to growing violence towards rejection, especially rejection by women.

Mr Berry-D said: “His father was too dominant. He ran after his mother’s skirt. He made enemies of his father, he made things up.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Being a man who doesn’t have a lot of soul, he gets very bitter when rejected. The girls he went out with were initially attracted to him, then he realized he was a sexist. And threw it away. It made me very angry. Someone told me that he had just turned into a terrible animal.

Year after year, internal demons forced Canon to commit more heinous crimes. Historically, his record is a jigsaw puzzle that slowly represents the formation of a monster.

As a child, he was treated for anxiety. As an adult, he tried to ward off insecurity through alcohol.

He first assaulted a woman in 1968, then assaulted her in a telephone box in Erdington. He was placed on probation but joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 17, later leaving to become a car salesman.

By the early 1980’s, Canon was completely obsessed with his blood. In 1981, he robbed a petrol station and clothing store at Knife Point and brutally raped a store assistant, threatening to stab his child. Cannon was sentenced to eight years in prison.

That was the day Wormwood Scrubs was released in 1986, when Susie went missing. In 1987, he kidnapped and murdered Shirley Banks, a newlywed couple. The 30-year-old was on her way to Bristol for evening shopping when she disappeared. Her naked body was later found in a ditch of dead women in Quantum Hills.

He was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of murdering Shirley, attempting to kidnap another woman last night and never raping a third woman in Reading.
Since then, Susie’s family has been on a terrible wave of hope, with every search for countryside and buildings proving futile.

The 2018 search of Canon’s mother’s former home caught media attention. Mr Barry said the killer knew it would happen. It was just another cruel game.

“He’s wrapping it up,” the author said at the time. “It’s about ‘I’m in control’, ‘it makes sense.

“He’s just number one in jail. He has to retain some street credit. He knew he would get nothing. That’s his complete folly.

“My gut feeling is that he engineered it. I’m sure, because he’s such a control freak, he’s gorgeous – ‘I have the power’, ‘I’m in control.'” Is happening

“There is a strong link between narcissism and pescopathy. It has two faces. It is a serial killer with the usual mask, but its brain is a black hole.

Former Detective Superintendent Jim Dickey has also called on Canon to “cleanse his soul.” He said: “Signs.
Is his time limited? He does not have a high standard of living.

“Obviously there will be no legal proceedings in the future for whatever information he will give before he leaves this world. Give comfort

“It’s an opportunity for him to shut them down and bury Susie with dignity at the time and place of his choice.”

He added: “Telling the truth will no longer be Canon’s permission on this earth. But it can clear his conscience and allow him to reconcile with God. Living with is not easy.

A Justice Ministry spokesman said he was unable to comment on Canon’s health.

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