“How many bubbles can they make?”

Dinesh Karthik Explained why Indian players Coming to the field for the fifth Test in Manchester was not comfortable. The assistant physio had a positive experience for the Coveted 19 before the fifth Test, and this is where Karthik feels the members of the Indian team are a bit upset.

Coaching staff and man physio Nitin Patel had already tested positive during the fourth Test and had to be isolated. However, it was a positive result of the assistant physio which was a cause for concern and some Indian players did not want to take the field after that.

Explaining the issue, Dinesh Karthik told Sky Sports:

“He’s tired and he only has one physio right now. He had two, but before that, he went down with a coach and other coaches. Work with this guy. And now he’s testing positive. Is.

Dinesh Karthik also emphasized how living in a bio-safe bubble for a long time can have a negative impact on players. He revealed that the players are very tired and have been in England for a long time. In this regard, Karthik said:

“You also have to understand that as soon as it’s over, they have the IPL and the World Cup right after it, and the New Zealand series right after that and we’re literally about to change in a week. I’m talking. How many bubbles can they make? When they left, when they gathered in India, they gathered on May 16. It’s been four months, about four months. It’s already enough time. “

Most of the players did not sleep till 3 o’clock: Dinesh Karthik

Karthik also said that even after returning a negative RT-PCR test, a player is not out of danger. There is an incubation period of three days after which the player can return a positive result. If that happened during the game, it would have affected many other players.

“Most of them didn’t even sleep until 3 o’clock, so today’s Test match was almost out of the question. There is a chance that three days later in the RT-PCR test, one can test positive and if So what will happen to this person?

Edited by Sadishna Banerjee.


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