How RMT boss McLinch became the unexpected star of rail attacks.

Accusing Sky’s Kay Burley and Tory MP Jonathan Gullis of “nonsense”. Criticism of GMB host Richard Medley for talking on “twaddle”. Removal of Chief Pierre Morgan, who took off the TV for asking irrelevant personal questions during the biggest rail strike of a generation.

As the country swears another day of passenger chaos, sweating and struggling, a man at the center of a continuous strike action manages to stay remarkably cool: McLinch, 60 , Secretary General of the National Union of Railways, Maritime and Transport Workers, who have just become its unexpected star. Although you probably already know this, if you’ve looked at any TV or phone screen in the last 24 hours.

RMT has been in the job for more than a year, but only in recent days has his name gained proximity to his home thanks to his grip on almost every TV and radio channel in the country. ITV News, Channel 4 and BBC News Night are among the broadcasters who invited him to explain why 40,000 railway workers have been on strike for three days, though some of his journalists may now But sorry

As actor Hugh Larry put it bluntly last night in front of his 1.5 million Twitter followers: “I don’t know enough about the rail controversy. All I see is that RMT’s Mick Lynch wiped out every media picador Who tried his luck today.

“TV Gold”, “Be More McLunch” and “Happy McLunch Day”. I’ve almost joined RMT, and I’m a farmer. ”

So who is the experienced unionist who is taking (and winning) the right wing press alone and what about his interview technique that is keeping journalists and politicians so hot under the collar?

From the roots of his working class to his leadership to his militant outlook, here is everything we know about the man at the center of this week’s strike wars.

From electricians to experienced trade unions

Lynch may now earn £ 124,000, but his upbringing is proof that you don’t have to go to public school to compete with the country’s leaders.

The father of three and his wife, an NHS nurse, currently live in a four-bedroom Victorian terrace in Ealing for about £ 1 million, but growing up, he and his four siblings were raised by Irish parents. In the Catholic majority council. Estate in Paddington, “in rented rooms that will now be called slums, [with] Old tin baths and shared toilets with other families, “he once said.

RMT General Secretary McLinch (Stephen Russo / PA) at the pocket line outside Kings Cross

/ PA Wire

He left school at the age of 16, worked as an electrician and later in construction work, where he joined a trade union and found himself (illegally) blacklisted. Unable to find work in construction, he started working for Eurostar and became an active member of RMT.

The blacklist was finally found to be illegal 20 years later, and it received a major settlement. The far-left unionist has twice served as RMT’s assistant secretary general, during which time he was criticized for traveling from his home in Watford to work on a driver-only train, one of the vehicles. One that her union claimed was too dangerous. People.

At the time, he and other RMT owners claimed that the strike was about safety, arguing that driver-only trains, where instead of opening and closing doors for passengers, had a life together. ” Is a deadly gamble. Lynch insisted that boarding the train did not make him a hypocrite, and that he had “no choice”.

General Secretary of RMT (Yui Mok / PA) at the Union Headquarters in McLinch, London.

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He took over as secretary-general in May last year, defeating three other candidates to replace McCash, who he said accused him of “harassment” by factions within the union. Retiring after installation.

“I am very proud to have been elected by the members of the RMT as General Secretary,” Lynch said of his election.

“I will maximize the unity of my great organization, bringing together all sectors and grades to build my union membership, influence and strength. We will make our union a strong and dynamic force in every workplace. Will increase as


“Our message to employers and politicians is that the RMT is ready to campaign and fight against pay cuts, security and cuts in conditions.

“We urge the rest of the Labor movement to stand strong and to stand up against any new era of austerity, which will force the working people to pay for the quaid crisis.”

The most hated man in London – or a hero for the working class?

This may sound strange to anyone watching his interviews this week, but when Lynch was elected, he was considered a centrist (“in terms of RMT”). Rail industry insiders say they were “quietly relieved”, described as “capable, practical and full of detail”.

McLinch is General Secretary of RMT (Dominic Lipinsky / PA)

/ PA Wire

He may be able to, but he is not a centrist. He acknowledges that he is a fan of the royal Netflix series The Crown (“The working class generally respects the Queen”), but he is a staunch supporter of the republic and the military redistribution of wealth in the economy. “Unions have had to take a militant stance – and use strike weapons where appropriate,” he said.

Since then, he has identified himself as a militant like the late “firebrand” RMT boss Bob Crow, who died in 2014 during a tube strike after being named “London’s most hated man”. If not more. Lynch has long been known for its desire to nationalize the railways, saying it would reduce the need for subsidies, and RMT has been on strike for more than 200 occasions since taking office in May 2021. Has voted for (even Crow never organized a national rail strike once).

Announcing this week’s rail strikes in front of RMT headquarters along Euston Station, he pointed to “Grant Shapes fingerprints and Rishi Sink DNA” for problems on the railways, and that “ministers” Many years go by. ” To imitate Thatcher’s years.

“What the rest of the country is facing is a lack of power, a lack of management capacity and a lack of resources to deal with employers who are constantly reducing wages and impoverishing the working class in this country. Year after year, “he said of his 40,000 striking workers, who receive an average salary of £ 33,000.

But despite his right-wing critics calling him “comrade chaos” in this week’s rail battle, Lynch insisted he was not a communist or was looking for a fight. “I also believe in peace, I don’t want wars,” he said in a media interview, choosing to remain calm and polite.

A match for any journalist (even Pierce Morgan)

“Did McLynch release a solid gold clip on every news channel this morning?” This week, a Twitter user deliberately asked. The answer is simple, whichever aspect of the strike debate you find: yes, yes it did.

While his arguments have divided the country, both left-wing and right-wing voters agree that Lynch has given the media a lifetime of performance, giving journalists and well-educated politicians in Oxbridge word of mouth. To eliminate and tell how it is.

“Don’t you know how the strip line works?” He asked Sky News anchor Burley yesterday what the union would do if government-appointed agency workers tried to cross the line to handle vacancies left by striking workers.

“I can’t believe this line of questioning … your questions are turning into nonsense. We run a packet as efficiently as we can,” he explained. It’s about standing out and encouraging people who want to go to work, who don’t want to go to work. What else do you think is involved? “

Burley was not the only major figure to be accused of making “nonsense” in public this week. On GMB, he boldly told host Richard Medley that he would come up with “sometimes the most notable toddlers” when asked if he was a Marxist, and on Stoke on Trent on BBC Politics Live. An argument broke out with MP Jonathan Gliss when Gliss accused Rail. Fear of adopting modern technology.

“Well, I think Jonathan should apologize for the nonsense, none of that is true,” he said. “We’ve got automated technology in trains. It’s all nonsense.”

Medley and Glees were just two of the entire lineup of journalists in which Lynch broke the media rounds yesterday, but by far the most surprising thing was his clash with Pierce Morgan, a man who is usually Proud to serve takeaways instead of receiving. Them

If this is your Facebook page, why don’t you confirm or deny it? This is a picture of Thunderbird’s The Hood, “Morgan asked Lynch, showing him a screenshot of Lynch’s alleged Facebook page.

Lynch confirmed that the page belonged to him, to which Morgan asked: “Well, I’m wondering where the comparison goes because he was clearly the mastermind of a vicious, criminal terrorist, the most dangerous man in the world.” “It simply came to our notice then.

“Is this the standard of journalism today?” Lunch was a simple but cutting reaction.

“Refreshing”, straightforward and “terribly restless”

Naturally, Lynch’s comments soon made him a hero. “I suppose tonight I’m not the only one who wants McLynch to be Labor leader?” Twitter users sang because Lynch’s name immediately became an online trend and fans demanded that he be made prime minister.

“He has done more in one day to challenge the Tory lie than the Labor Front bench has done in two years!” Others described it as “a refreshing sight compared to political gameplay and spin”, “terribly restless” and “the kind of person you want to be.”

“Happy Mick Lunch Day. I’ve almost joined RMT, and I’m a farmer,” teased one another. When done, lunch should enter Louvain Island.

The jokes about Lynch and his lunch crowd are fast-paced, but at the same time there are more serious comments about his discussion technique, which many say “all these Glebe Eton Better a poor horse than no horse at all. ”

“Really struggling to remember the last time, if ever, someone dominated the whole aerial view of the media as McLynch did yesterday … the establishment threw everything at him and he With all the wisdom, politeness, honesty and integrity, it all batted quietly. A lesson for all of us, “one fan wrote on Twitter, while another added:” It doesn’t have to be charismatic. Because the truth is miraculous. “

“I have never seen anyone like him,” the other agreed. “Mick Lynch isn’t smart, he’s charming, and he’s not a photogenic.

Even former politicians have joined in praising his style of debating. Former Labor spin doctor Dr. Alastair Campbell tweeted, “What I like about the MPs discussing Mick Lynch’s low IQ / low EQ Tory talking points is that they give them more facial expressions. Lets drones fly and then take them down with light satire and facts. ” .

His fellow podcaster, former Conservative leadership candidate Rory Stewart, joined in, calling Lynch “a very remarkable media actor with an extraordinary ability to annoy his questioners.”

Whether or not this week’s strikes threaten to make him the most hated man in London, like his predecessor, depends on your politics, but one thing is for sure: he is certainly the most debated. ۔