How To Build Your Daily Fantasy Lineup For Week 1

Some things don’t make sense unless you look a little deeper. For example, bullies usually struggle with trust issues, or using less social media makes you more social.

Or, Deewana prefers the Tree Sermon, which runs 49 years back during one season, but we prefer Rahim Mustart in Week 1.

In fact, we would prefer a mustard as long as it stays upright. We have only limited confidence that he will be able to do so.

But she’s healthy this week, and This week he gets to play the lion.. Detroit did not make any ground-breaking defensive upgrades, which means there is little reason to expect improvement from a unit that allowed second-season PPR fantasy points to be backed up last season. Of

So yeah, we love Mostert this week. In fact, knowing Sekun Barclays can’t be expected to be a full workload, and given the tough Broncos defense, we’ll start the mustache just above Barclays this week. Mustart also makes a solid option in daily competitions, and it comes very cheap (ف 6,100 in Fan Devil, $ 5,800 in Draft Kings).

But Mostart is not the only RB we like. Remember how the Lines outperformed Fancy RB the other most PPR points? Well, the only bad team was Texans. Who gets to play taxis? Jaguars Who is now Clear, uncountable RB1 in Jacksonville.? James Robinson. At ، 5,900 on Fan Devil and $ 6,400 on Draft Kings, it’s also cheaper.

Thus we begin the construction of the first DFS roster of our season, featuring a pair of Mustart and Robinson. But we still need to find a quarterback receiver combo to win a big tournament.

Rahim Mustart
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For this set, we want to get high scoring games featured. The Browns Chiefs and the Cardinals Titans have the most over / under total, and we’re sure both will have a lot of points. But for these teams, the QB-WR combo is expensive, or the sketch in the brown case.

Instead, we look at a game that we think Vegas Total Sleeping – Jets in Paints.

Last year, the defense was not very good. Both have new QBs, and Carolina’s QB knows the crew of the jets well. So here we go for our DFS stack.

Sam Darnald (6,500 FD, $ 5,000) and Ruby Anderson ($ 6,200 FD, ، 5,700 DK) There is a connection to New York. And can enlighten your former team. On the other hand, the rogue Jets QB Zach Wilson seemed to be very supportive of the new Jets WR Corey Davis ($ 5,800 FD, $ 4,900 DK). And we’re going to spend 49 euros (F 5,000 FD, $ 4,200) on defense, which we think is a catastrophic tiger crime.

That leaves us with some decent coins before we reach our hats. At Fan Duel, we can go to Cards-Titans by adding D-Andre Hopkins (8,200 FD, 7,800 DK) and our Travis Kallis ($ 8,500 FD, $ 8,300 DK) Fill in the blanks to access the Browns Chiefs.

Trying to do so, you may already have run out of money in Draft Kings, but on Fan Devil, you can still afford to add AJ Brown to Flex.

And that’s how we’re starting 2021.

Big week

Lamar Jackson at QB, Ravens, Readers (Fan Doyle $ 8,600 / Draft Kings $ 7,700)

It wasn’t the Cove 19 that wiped out the Ravens backfield, it was the cracked ACLs. Just off the road, shopkeeper Tyson Williams, Trent Cannon and maybe Leon Bell or Deonta Freeman, expect Jackson to anchor the game on the go.

Jalen Hearts in QB, Eagles, Falcons (FD $ 7,600 / DK $ 6,400)

We are not convinced that the Falcons set their own secondary, which gave QB the second highest fantasy points last season.

Philip Lindsay

Philip Lindsay RB, Texans, vs. Jaguars (FD $ 5,200 / DK $ 4,700)

Jigs dropped more than 30 PPR points in each game. Lindsay is an option for the DFS over the seasonal league.

Tyler Hugby TE, Reims, vs. Bear (FD $ 5,400 / DK $ 3,900)

Chicago struggled with a tough end last year. New Rams QB Matthew Stafford historically likes to hit the TE near the goal line.

Short week

Justin Herbert QB, Chargers, Washington (FD $ 7,600 / DK $ 6,700)

We’re a little bit wary of going against the Washington defense, which should have a terrible pass rush this year, and it’s solid elsewhere.

Josh Jacobs RB, Readers, vs. Ravens (FD $ 6,800 / DK $ 5,800)

Jacobs’ lack of participation in the passing game does not give a good fantasy score when his team is behind. We expect the raiders to be behind.

David Montgomery on RB, Bear, Rams (FD $ 7,100 / DK $ 5,700)

We still have a healthy fear of defending the Rams this season. A terrifying front can make life difficult at the Chicago Ground Game.

Odell Beckham Jr. at WR, Browns, Chiefs (FD $ 6,500 / DK $ 5,400)

While the matchup is attractive, we want Beckham to see if he deserves to be in our lineup before we plug him in.

A daily contest of fantasy madness.

Site: Fan Devil.

Slate: Sun key (13 games)

Type: $ 3 tournaments.

Top Rewards: $ 1 million

Utensils: 3.5 million

Drive crew

QB: Sam Darnald (6,500)

the Lord: Rahim Mustart (6,100)

the Lord: James Robinson (5,900)

WR: Andre Hopkins (8,200)

WR: Ruby Anderson (6,200)

WR: Corey Davis (5,800)

TE: Travis Kallis (8,500)

Flex: AJ Brown (7,800)

DEF: 49ers (5,000)

Volks Warriors

QB: Sam Darnald (6,500)

the Lord: Rahim Mustart (6,100)

the Lord: Christian McFarlane (10,400)

WR: Marvin Jones Jr. (5,800)

WR: Jerry JD (5,500)

WR: DK Metcalfe ($ 7,700)

TE: Dallas Goddard (5,900)

Flex: AJ Brown (7,800)

DEF: Broncos (4,100)


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