How to get the best deals when booking your next trip

For some people, the worst part of their vacation is planning the details. But this is where you can get the most for your money and ensure that you book into your trip with as much fun as you can.

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Good planning is the key. You can avoid the stress of paying more for flights, finding the best hotel for the best price, and reserving top restaurants. All you have to do is make good plans and stick to them. It’s not just about the money, it’s also about the fun.

If you’re one of those people who hates planning, think of these tricks as a way to actually save money. Keep large blocks of time on your schedule open to getting comfortable. But try these tips on how you can use your favorite online calendar to plan and save on your vacation Pennies.

Sign up for Airline Discount Alerts

Once you identify where you’ll be traveling on your next vacation, sign up on travel and airline sites for alerts about discounts. These alerts typically offer discounts for traveling during a specific time frame. Log these into your online calendar, along with the deadline to book, to make sure you don’t miss out. You can compare the prices offered by various discount travel sites and plan your trip.

Use earned travel points from airlines

You may be a frequent flyer who has accumulated many travel miles. These miles usually don’t last forever, so watch when they end. You can enter the time period for which these travel miles are valid in your online calendar. Look for dates that overlap with the flight discounts you identify and consider making the most of your travel miles. You can book a discounted flight, use travel miles to pay and save money in both cases. This is more than the savings you can earn from shopping near you.

Plan early if you’re renting a car

The price of renting a car has skyrocketed since the pandemic, thanks to rental car companies selling off much of their fleets. But that doesn’t mean you can find bargains. Sign up for alerts from the rental car companies you trust most and add alerts to the travel sites you use. Rental car discounts often come for certain travel periods, much like flights. Enter these discount offers along with their expiration dates into your online schedule, so you don’t miss out.

Quickly shop for Hotels, Airbnb Rentals

You may be able to save money on hotels by signing up for discount alerts on travel sites and your favorite hotel chains. Some hotels offer five nights at the cost of four, or similar deals if you book between certain dates. Keep track of these as you do your flights, rental car and other discounts on your online calendar. Give each type of discount – flight, rental car, hotel – its own color code as you enter them in the dates, and keep an eye out for overlapping dates. This will help you plan your actual travel dates when you nail down the discount.

Schedule dinner reservations in advance

It may not seem necessary, but many restaurants at vacation spots fill up fast. You may find yourself forced to dine at more expensive, less tasty, or mostly uninteresting restaurants. Take into account the reservation options of the restaurants you most want to visit and reserve them as soon as possible. For example, some popular restaurants in resort destinations fill up fast the closer to your travel dates or require you to make reservations a month or more in advance.

Check their reservation requirements and plan your trip accordingly. your effort Plan with your online calendar Might be the difference between a magical experience and a depressing experience.

Reserve your spot for activities and trips

You often get discounts online when you book certain tours and experiences in advance of your trip. Once you’ve decided on your travel dates and destination, research tours and activities in the area. Find ones that interest you, and chances are you can get a discount by booking early. Make a reservation and enter it into your online calendar as one of your holiday activities. You will not have to wait in line to buy tickets at higher prices on the day of your scheduled travel. You also avoid the frustration of finding out that tickets have sold out.

Consider Credit Card Discounts for Travel

Some credit card companies offer high discounts on certain types of purchases throughout the year. For example, a credit card might offer a 5% discount on all hotel purchases or rental cars. Log the dates that discounts are offered on your calendar, assigning it a unique color code. You may find that many purchases you already make are covered by credit card discounts. This is a great way to save money, assuming you’re committed to paying off the card balance when you return. Otherwise, the interest charges applicable on credit cards will easily wipe out your savings and make your travel more expensive.

Avoid Airline Booking Fees

You can save money for your next trip if you choose your seat early. Once you’ve identified the airline and flight, find out when it’s your first time to take seats. Mark that date on your online calendar so you don’t miss out on options. You may find yourself waiting and paying $30 or more per seat to get what you want. This is a great way to avoid airline booking fees if you are traveling with a partner you want to board your flight with.

eat local

You can save money on meals by planning a meal at cheap but interesting local restaurants. It could be a sandwich shop, a pizza parlor or a falafel restaurant. You don’t need expensive food or big-money chain options. Local eateries that are off the tourist route often offer cheaper options and prefer local food. This is a great way to save money and learn more about your destination. If restaurants take reservations, take advantage of the opportunity and make one. It’s better to guarantee a seat at a restaurant that’s half full than to stop at a place overbooked by locals.

eat fast

What some travelers don’t realize is that you will spend more for dinner than for lunch in many countries. Many restaurants offer lunch specials to attract business. Consider loading up on a big lunch and spending less on breakfast and dinner. You can check online for lunch specials at your destination before you arrive. If you find deals at some of the restaurants that look attractive, reserve a spot there and add them to your online calendar,

don’t be afraid to bargain

You can plan for big savings when you book your trip if you’re not afraid to strike a bargain when you arrive. In many countries, bargaining is an expected activity that locals encourage at street vendors and markets. It’s okay to offer less than the marked price for items, even for food in some places. Do some research before traveling to learn more about local customs. Make sure you understand the currency in your destination to ensure that you account for any currency fees and differences. Once you are comfortable with the expected and currency, don’t hesitate to bargain. This can help you save money for your holidays and get great deals on fun souvenirs.

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