How to get the Support A Creator unit in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite is all about supporting their community. They often use leakers, content creators, professionals and streamers to get their information out. It’s a partnership that many games can not relate to, and it’s part of what makes Fortnite such a great game. They have always supported content creators, but now they are intensifying it.

Fortnite creators can create codes that other players can use to support them. Players can buy items and support a creator, which would help them. Now Fortnite is increasing its investment in it further.

Fortnite adds new and better support for creators with new update

Fortnite had this to say about their new Support-a-Creator device designed to help further Fortnite Creator:

“Our goal is for creators to be able to create fantastic, high-quality content and for our players to have the best possible experience. Part of a fantastic experience is to make sure that other players are present and that the matches are full. We have watched “in this area and seen fewer complete matches than we expected. Some of these issues were bugs (and some have already been addressed), but others are a result of how we encourage creators.”

They also noted that there is only one rule when using the new device. Fortnite players should not force the use of the player support unit to continue in the game, as this is not a fair way to gather support.

Players can also support creators in their item shop purchases.  (Image via Epic Games)
Players can also support creators in their item shop purchases. (Image via Epic Games)

Creators can place a Billboard device to draw attention to their new Support-a-Creator device. They should only use the maximum “Medium” font size, which is the default size for sign fonts.

They should also allow 2 full tiles with space between the unit and the player’s spawn slots. There will also only be one unit allowed per Fortnite Creative island, so creators can not spam their viewers with the device.

Epic Games has released the “Support-A-Creator” device to all creative map creators! They have said that the only rule when using this device is to “not force the use of the player support device to continue in the game.”

This is a big step for Fortnite to fully support the creators they value so much. Creator can find out more at the official Epic Games website.

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