How to prepare Eve in Gulshan?

Eevee Pokemon can be produced in GO. Tracking these different ways can definitely collect taxes.

Gleason is one of the eight possible Pokیمmon in which Evie could develop. It was introduced in Generation IV as Leifen, as well as the Ice type Type of grass Evolution In Route 217 in the Sinoh area, players can turn Evie into Gulsan by leveling Pokemon with Ice Rock. In Pokemon Go, though, it requires more than just leveling up to find a rock and get glycine. Here are all the details.

How to get the ice type evolution of Pokemon GO?

So, there are two ways to transfer Evie to Pokنmon GO. One method is quick and the other is a bit complicated.

The easiest way is to use a nickname. There are many names that players can automatically change their AV to its specific evolution after feeding them 25 AV candy. Alias ​​trainers should make sure that the eve is made in Gulsan Rea.

The significance behind the name Rhea is with the Pokemon Sun and the Moon. In Generation VII, the AVM Z is a one-sided effort to get an item that competes with separate trainers with different evolutions. Rhea is the trainer that Gilson uses.

Unfortunately, this method of evolution only works once. So, trainers have to use this trick a total of eight times.

The second method that will allow trainers to get Glson is to use the Glacier Greed module. This item is used for half an hour to display ice and water Pokemon frequently. When it is activated, Evie will be ready گلسن After receiving the required amount of candy.

Unfortunately, the only way to get this item permanently is through purchase. An icy greed module at Pokemon GO Shop costs 200 coins. Soon, however, there will be a way to select Glacier Greed Module for free. On the occasion of Evie Community Day, the Glacier Greed Module and the Musa Greed Module will be awarded upon completion of Time Research.


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