How to transfer PUBG mobile account to BGMI after iOS version is released.

After months of speculation, PUBG mobile fans rejoiced as developers Crafton Inc. finally released BGMI. iOS interface. The unavailability of the game for the iOS interface raised important questions from the PUBG mobile community.

However, after a long wait, the popular gaming title was finally released in the App Store. Ever since the news broke, gamers have been wondering how to transfer their PUBG mobile accounts to BGMI.

BGMI from PUBG Mobile: Gamers are eager to transfer their gaming data.

Crafton Has assured users that they can transfer their PUBG mobile data to BGMI without losing any important data in the game.

The situation has been tested for Android users. Players reportedly successfully transferred their data into the game and captured cosmetics, RP rewards and even their gaming level in the game.

Due to the lack of BGMI for the iOS interface, some gamers are expressing concerns about their PUBG mobile data. However, Crafton assured him that once the Battle Grounds are released in the Mobile India App Store, the data transfer option will be available.

In order to transfer data to the game, users need to follow certain steps in the game. They should keep in mind that data transfer is only possible if the PUBG mobile account is linked to Facebook or Twitter.

After downloading BGMI from the App Store, gamers must sign in.

After signing up, they will be asked to confirm their location and accept a number of terms and conditions.

Approval for data transfer will be sought from one of the dialog boxes. BGMI from PUBG Mobile.. Players must accept this option to proceed with data transfer.

Once they have approved the data transfer request, another dialog box will open for final approval. Gamers will transfer data after the final application is approved.

Users should note that they can transfer their data by December 31. After this date, developers will not allow data immigration. If they fail to transfer their data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI, gamers will lose information and items in their game.


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