How to unlock and complete Hiromi Watch Anasoma Quest in Genesis Impact.

Genius Impact Questions are spread across the vast open world of the game, and finding them all can lead to some great rewards. The Hiromi Watch is a quest that will take players from Anazoma to Leo, and even from Dragon Spine, an interesting investigation.

This is a very easy quest, as all players will need to talk to NPCs and explore certain areas, with some good rewards and Anazoma’s reputation as a prize. Fans will love the Hiromi Watch in Genesis Impact, and how they can get it here.

Genesis Impact: Hiromi Watch Quest Guide.

The beginning The search for Hiromi Watch will take you to Anazuma City, where Hiromi can be found standing on a nearby beach. Hiromi will look into the ocean, and offer players the opportunity to explore, but only if they have something important that can be found in Dragon Spine.

Dragon Spine found a flowing bottle that gives 30 prims. I wonder who it is.

This flowing bottle can be located far south of Dragon Spine and provides 30 primojum on pick-up and access to the Hiromi Watch Quest. Struggle won’t show without this bottle, so you’ll be better off if you don’t have a search available.

1) Go north to Narokami Island to find the remains of Kazu.

Kazu may be located in camping on the north side of Narokami Island
Kazu may be located in camping on the north side of Narokami Island

The first task in this quest is to find Kazu, a treasure hunter who was once a friend of Hiromi. He is camping on the northern tip of Narokami Island, and once contacted, a cut scene will begin. It’s easy to find because it’s quite visible when you land on the beach, and it will progress to the first part of the search.

2) Go to Jeevan Karst to find Sun Yu and Little Choir.

The next part of the quest takes you to Jeevan Karst
The next part of the quest takes you to Jeevan Karst

Next, you have to go to Jeevan Karst and talk to Sun Yu and Little Choir. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. They are located near the edge of a mountain and will continue the search once they have spoken. There is a way to make them easier to find.

3) Go to Mount Hulau to look for “Big Sister” signs

Trapped in Yan Amber can be found below this hole (Photo via Genshin Impact / ZaFrostPet)
Trapped in amber amber can be found at the bottom of this hole (photo via Genshin Impact / ZaFrostPet)

The last step in this. Junction effect The search is on for Big Sis, who has been missing for some time. You have to go to Mount Hulau, where a large piece of amber can be found at the bottom of a deep ravine. Inside the amber, Yanner is trapped, and once he is free, you can talk to him to get him to tell the story. Once she’s done, you can return to Hiromi to finish the quest.

4) Go back and find Hiromi.

Hiromi watch search part.
On the small beach with the right Shogun statue.

Hiromi will be at the place where the search began, and returning to it will allow players to complete the Watch Quest. Players share information about Yanir and explain the situation to him, and after that, he will give them some rewards and easy success.

This achievement yields 5 primojams, and completing the quest yields a reasonable amount of 30 primojams, two hero wits and 20,000 mora. Players can also earn cash in some anozoma credentials, making the quest workable.

Genetic impact questions are spread all over the world, and it is worthwhile to complete them all. Easy rewards.


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