HTC looks to the metaverse for answers – Meczyki.Net

LG officially pulled the plug on its smartphone division in April last year. It was another signpost in the dramatically changing mobile market that left the electronics giant behind. HTC joins that conversation, though the Taiwanese manufacturing continued to — in spite of everything — even after Google acquired nearly half of the company’s phone talent and IP in 2017.

HTC’s mobile division has spent the past several years looking for the right angle to recapture that magic. In 2018, it was the HTC Exodus, which was undoubtedly ahead of the curve as a blockchain/crypto-focused handset. That device, predictably, failed to make a dent. Now the company’s back with another trend-surfing handset, the HTC Desire 22 Pro, a “metaverse” centric device the company has been teasing for weeks.

This time, at least, the company has gained a foothold in that department as one of the primary manufacturers of VR headsets through its Vive line. HTC is presenting Desire 22 Pro As “the phone to take you into the future” and “the perfect companion with Vive Flow VR Glasses”. However, on the face of it, it’s actually a fairly decent mid-range device with limited claims.

The product features a 6.6-inch 1,080 x 2,412 display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Inside you’ve got Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 695 5G, paired with 8GB or more of RAM and 128GB of storage. Any real Metaverse functionality seems to be little more than marketing from a company struggling to find its footing in the brutal and unforgiving world of mobile phones.

image credit: HTC

However, it apparently sports a digital wallet and an NFT, as evidenced by the above images of cats posing as classical artwork. Although, as writtenSuch functionality appears to be limited to select markets.

If all this sounds good for some reason, the handset is up for pre-order now and is set to start shipping from August 1.