Huixquilucan y Universidad Iberoamericana firman convenio de colaboración para dar atención a adultos mayores

The Governorate of Huixquilucan and the Universidad Iberoamericana made a great deal of collaboration for the students of the academic programs enfocados in the discipline of salutations, Realistic professional practitioners in the Municipal DIF System, with special attention on adult mayors.

In this document, the vicarrector of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Alejandro Anaya Muñoz, Romina Contreras Carrasco, agradeción est conjuntar esfuerzos con las autoridas. The primacy of pride. will allow the person of this sector of the public service to integrate the services offered by the Center for the Evaluation of Adult Mayor of Ibero, with the objection of a healthy salute; Professional admissions to the equations of Huixquilucan Centro.

Agradezco a la Universidad Iberoamericana por poner sus ojos en Huixquilucan; We understand that, in conjunction with the Municipal DIF System and the Ayuntamiento, we will generate great accusations that will positively impact the municipalities of our municipality. These alien strategies help us to keep changing lives, we are constantly evolving and working 24/7 by the huxquiluquenses

Romana Contreras

The alchemist decides that the firm’s combination of favorable collaboration favors the salute of the las and the huksquiluquenses in the como como न्यूट्रीशन क्लिनका, एजुकीशन एन alimentación, suplementación a grupos vulnerables, preparación y servicio de alimentos, gerontología, obesidad y comorbilidades, between two.

Asimismo, detaló que, mediante este convenio, se realizarán trabajos en los cinco comedores que pertenecen al DIF Huixquilucan, en el Centro de Oficios y en los tres hospitales Municipales, with the purpose of fortifying the social services, assistants and training in the rubbing of nutrition in public, especially, in hospitals, comedians and schools.

For his part, the Academic Vice-Chancellor of the University of Iberoamerica, Alejandro Anaya, celebrates and recognizes the practice of realizing the DIF of Huixquilucan, the total impact in the integration of individuals, the mummified families.

Subrayó que, a través de este convenio, Seek to generate science with institutions that deal with societyPues, agregó, es labor de las institutes desarrollar lazos que permitman el trabajo conjunto e innovador que apten a la la solvayan de problem.

All this will allow us to promote and fortify the formation of a student who seeks to be the best, to contribute to the solution of problems and the realization of the transformation of the real, to the realization of the real problem.

Romana Contreras

Ann Tento, LA Director General Dale DIF Heuxkeluken, Sheila Giles Soriano, indicating that the media will now accept one of the directors of this administration, that it will be a sinner to enter into the institutions that deserve a papal clave in the life of the residents of the municipality and the life of the residents of the municipality and the courtesy locospor de alanzas

Agregó que los tiempos actuales que vive el país, convocan a crear esfuerzos conjuntos, por que que This facilitates contributing to the formation of more and more professionals to support the development of the municipality and Mexico.

Asimismo, reconcile the social and humanitarian deals of the Universidad, to help the adult mayors of the municipality, to refute the DIF and Huiquilu de Gobiier to deal with this objection; Asymmetry, created the vision of the actual local administration, encapsulated by the alchemical Romina Contreras, which aims at the formation of the las and the young as well as the United Nations motor control.