Hungarian fans line up at Wembley after a ban.

Budapest, Hungary – “Many” people will not be able to enter sports stadiums for two years, the Hungarian Football Federation has announced, following the country’s fans He will face police in Wembley., In the playoffs World Cup 2022. against England.

Several people identified by security officials at the scene were banned from participating in sports for two years under the provisions of the (Hungarian) Sports Law. Geno sepus, Spokesman for the federation (MLSZ), without disclosing the number of spectators affected.

Violence erupted on Tuesday, shortly after the start of the match, with a group of about 1,000 Hungarian spectators gathering in a corner of the stadium. A dozen of them confronted security personnel., Forced to leave before police arrived with batons.

The incident escalated when police intervened to arrest a Hungarian fan suspected of making racist remarks against a security guard.

Clashes continued for several minutes before police restored order.

According to Sipos, a. An investigation is underway to identify other fans..

In September, England’s victory over Hungary in Budapest, with the match, racist slogans chanted by Hungarian fans Rahim Sterling And Jude Bellingham.. In addition, items were thrown at English players.

Of Hungarian national team. As a result, he was sentenced to play two home games behind closed doors. FIFA, With one of them making the final decision.



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