Hunter Renfrew of the Red Sox claims that the MLB asked the team to stop testing COVID-19.

Radio waves make waves.۔

Radio waves make waves.
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If baseball media owners were more interested in carrying water than distributing their connections in free Springsteen tickets, what Hunter Renfrew alleged yesterday would be a story. Fortunately for MLB, this is not the case.

Renfrew was on a radio show yesterday and he claimed. The MLB had asked the Red Sox to stop testing their players. And deal with symptoms as soon as they occur.

Here is what Renfrew said on WEEI’s “Merloni and Fauria” show:

“The MLB basically told us to stop testing and just treat the symptoms. And we were like, ‘No, we’re going to find out what’s going on and get this thing under control.’ Keep trying

When asked if the MLB had asked the Red Sox to stop testing, he said:

“Yes,” said Renfrew.

“And just try to play like that, go ahead and not worry about it?” Host Lou Merloni asked.

“Yes,” said Renfrew.

The MLB has, of course, denied the allegations, with Boston Globe Renfrew’s statement “completely wrong and incorrect” and the Red Sox in a statement denying the change. But what else are they going to do?

Read the Red Sox statement, “We’ve been following MLB’s Cove 19 protocol all season.” The medical staff has been very helpful. “

So I ask you: Do you think Manfred Cowade has the ability to quietly delete or eliminate test results to ensure that the season is not off the rails for any team? ? Especially when we’re late in the season and competing in playoff venues? Or the playoffs themselves? After last year’s World Series, where one of the biggest stories was that Justin Turner had a positive experience, he had to withdraw from Game 6, and then return to the field to celebrate. Do you think Manfred is worth it? You all know?

We all have the same answer. Manfred has already seen the Red Sox and Yankees, the league’s two tent pool teams, the Cowboys are spreading. It is possible that one or both playoffs could lose a thin margin, which they could blame for the epidemic. How many more teams will risk this beef? Especially in September, when baseball is considered to be at its peak.

Renfrew will definitely have to back down from his claims, and it will be almost impossible to prove even if one wants to, unless a group of players go on record. But we know Manfred, we know how ugly he is, and we know how important it is for him and his bosses, the owners, for the PlayStation to be uncompromising for TV. He is fully capable of such a thing, especially near the end of the season.

He has not yet reached his lockdown, which will surely be a major achievement in his mind.

Adolescence in the United States. Open up

The women’s side of the US Open has become quite a story, as two teenagers will compete in the final on Saturday night. Leila Fernandez won another match of three sets, this time by making Ariana Sabalinka the third top five player to reach the final. Emma Radakano watched and picked up in the second match last night, basically tying Maria Sakara in the straight seats. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. It’s really remarkable.

Both players play as if they have nothing to lose, which they do not. Fernandez’s return game revolves around Dikembe Mutombo’s, so is the level of rejection. She has been fearless about stepping inside the baseline on opponents’ first services and has sent them back to where they came from with interest, allowing them to handle their time and instincts.

Both players showed nervousness last night when their more experienced opponents withered. Sabalinka split in the final games of both the first and third sets on her service, which cost her both sets. Skari was trailing 5-0 in the first set before assembling, but it was too late. Meanwhile, the two children could not be spared.

Radukano kept pulling all night.

Whoever wins on Saturday will be historic. And tennis should get caught on its own, if they both continue to play as if they are using home money. Who they are


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