I ate at the city’s latest burger restaurant – and it serves a better menu item than McDonald’s – Dayna Farrington

It’s finally here – the fat hippo has opened in Birmingham city center. The popular independent burger chain has opened in Bennett Hill, a unit previously occupied by the Flat of Civil, which closed abruptly in March.

Fat Hippo specializes in burgers, stuffed fries and more “good old fashioned, roll up your sleeves and carry it on your face”. And that was something I was definitely ready to try.

The brand already owns more than a dozen chains that are growing in popularity across the UK – making Birmingham the 12th place to open a restaurant. So as soon as the doors opened we were ready to check them out.

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I’ve tried Archie and Five Guys. So what about a fat hippo? We managed to get a table for two on the opening weekend – and when my partner and I arrived about half an hour after the opening on Sunday, we were the only ones stopping another couple.

But we didn’t have to worry, as more and more people arrived for reservations within 10 minutes of sitting down, and by the time we left just an hour after our 12 o’clock reservation, the restaurant was full.

The chubby hippo was really quiet inside – a cool date night or a great place to hang out with friends

The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, taking us to our desk and running through the menu – explaining the offer options and the special for the month. You realized that nothing was too much, even when we messed up our order and forgot to ask for a starter, they quickly fixed everything for us, no problem.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the decor. It was really quiet and rustic. It felt like a place where you could enjoy a really cool afternoon / night – or hang out with friends for a catchy burger.

Fat Hippo Menu - With A Great Name Burger
Fat Hippo menu – with a great name burger

The menu was amazing – and we both had a hard time choosing burgers. Beef burgers, buttermilk chicken burgers, vegan burgers, stuffed fries – you name it, they had it.

They all looked incredible – and they had great names to go with them. Hangover III, The Last Samur-thigh, Wild Bill, Stinky Pete and Born Slippy.

We decided to choose Trash Browns (5.50) to get started, while my partner chose Hangover III Burger (£ 12.90) and I had Wild Bull (£ 12.90). We then turned to Malik Shakes (are we all big kids?) And ordered Mars Attack (£ 4.90) and a simple strawberry (50 4.50).

Within minutes our country Shakespeare arrived – and wow. My partner chose Mars Attack – salted caramel, whipped cream, vanilla soft serve, chocolate sauce and oregano. It was delicious, sweet and creamy – just like you would expect a milk shake. The salty caramel flavors really came in – and the whipped cream and crushed oreos on top were the best.

Fat Hippo'S Country Shakes Were Really Good!
Fat Hippo’s country shakes were really good!

However, the simple strawberry country shake was the real winner here. Described on the menu as “old school”, it was the best strawberry country shake I’ve ever tried. Take a step back McDonald’s has a new baby in town. It tasted really fresh – and the strawberry sweetness really did. It tasted so strong it wasn’t great yet.

Next up was Trash Browns. Great. Small tartar tortillas covered in cheese sauce and fried onions. They were amazing.

Trash Browns
Trash Browns

Tiny balls of potato goodness, just like a mini hash brown. The cheese sauce was thin, but delicious – not too strong in taste, and the fried cajun onion really gave it that little kick. As soon as they came out of the kitchen we dropped the lot.

Next were burgers. They certainly did not disappoint. And the fat hippo definitely “keeps up the good old fashioned way, roll up your sleeves and cover your whole face.” Get ready to mess up.

I went for Wild Bull – a double beef patty, American cheese, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, ketchup and jalapenos. I chose to remove the bacon and jalapenos – and also upgraded to vegan dirty sweet potato fries (extra 00 2.00).

It was the best burger I’ve ever tried. The beef was juicy and not chewy, while the cheese was melted in the mouth. And the combination of the two sauces was just delicious. The bread was also very soft – almost like melting bread in your mouth.

I upgraded my side of the chips to vegan dirty fries – also a selection of sweet potato fries. They were delicious. The sweet potato fries were perfectly cooked, while the fat hippo sauce covering them was excellent. I want to know the secret.

My partner chose the Hangover III burger – buttermilk chicken thigh, American cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, pickles, BBQ sauce and form. She really liked it.

Hangover Iii Chicken Burger With Dirty Fries
Hangover III chicken burger with dirty fries

The chicken was juicy, the bacon was thickly chopped and the sauce really complimented both. He said he wasn’t a big fan of filling between two burgers, but it was the best amount. It also upgraded to dirty fries with bacon bits (extra 50 1.50).

We were all very full of food – and the staff kindly brought our leftover dirty fries to the takeaway boxes which we later enjoyed at home. But the food from all sides was 10/10 by us.

Fat Hippo Is Located On Bennetts Hill.
Fat Hippo is located on Bennetts Hill.

I think we got the best burgers in Birmingham. The fat hippo will definitely make its mark on the city.

It was an independent review and the food was paid for by Birmingham Live.

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