‘I have the best of microwaves’ – A review of The Ivy’s dinner hints at a response to the restaurant.

A customer at a Birmingham restaurant said on the Internet that he had better food than a microwave. He said he expected the restaurant to be “special” – but compared it to putting a Ferrari badge on VW Golf.

A customer named James said Ivy was not a “premium experience” away from Temple Row. He also targeted noisy parties during his visit last month.

Ivy has a rating of 4.5 on Tripadvisor – with over 1,600 reviews. It also won the Traveler’s Choice Award in 2021.

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A recent review states that this is “the perfect place to dine for this special occasion.” While another praised the service and food – “What more could you ask for!”

But James gave it two rankings as part of his review on a travel website. The caption of the review states: “A premium brand, dragged to the level of Cafe Rouge”.

The review concludes: “I heard that Ivy is coming to Birmingham. Over the years, I have heard that Ivy London is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world so expectations were high.

“Ivy seems to have sold out, as Ferrari has planted its golf badge.

“That’s fine. It’s a little posh from Cafe Rouge, and maybe a coat. But it’s not a premium experience.

“Noise Birthday / Chicken groups have been amplified by poor acoustics. The staff is pleasant but inexperienced.

“The duck curry was good … but I had the best microwaves.

“It took ages to get the bill and we realized that we were charged 20% for the service without any explanation. This is a کس 15 ‘perks fix’ level experience, not £ 50 per head level space. . “

Row of Ivy Temple

But The Ivy’s marketing team decided to respond to a public review. He said he was “disappointed” that his experience did not live up to expectations and urged them to call him to discuss it further.

He also said that he welcomes guests for “all occasions” and is very busy so he cannot promise a quiet experience all the time.

He replied: “Hello James B. We appreciate your honest review. We set a high standard for ourselves, so we were disappointed to hear that your experience did not live up to expectations.”

“We’ve been in Birmingham for just over four years and we’re part of the Ivy Collection, a larger and more accessible brand around the original Ivy in West St., London.

“We welcome guests for all occasions and we are very busy so we cannot promise a quiet experience next time, although depending on the time of your arrival, the noise level varies.

“We have a fully optional 12.5% ​​service charge, but this is discretionary, especially when you are not happy with the service. If you would like to discuss this further, please call us. Feedback. . best wishes.”

Ivy has 1,607 free reviews on Tripadvisor – 1,258 of which are rated ‘Very Good’ or ‘Very Good’. A recent review states: “A great night out in Ivy on Wednesday night echoes this place.

“Really enjoyed the prawns and the monkey fish curry. A great voice for Jordan who served us for the evening.

“Careful, polite and friendly and out of our way to make us feel special. Everyone should have Jordan because that’s what service is all about.”

CC said: “The food was beautifully cooked and served – with a good selection to choose from. We had excellent service from Shizi and all the staff welcomed us very warmly.”

Stuart said: “I love the place. I went to celebrate the birthday and was amazed at the service and the overall atmosphere of the place.

“Really comfortable and great menu. We had a variety of menu items and everything was great. Will be glad to return (very soon)!”

And Amy added: “Beautiful atmosphere with polite and friendly waiters. I thoroughly enjoyed the brunch I had here. The pancakes were amazing! I love The Ivy’s finest interior design. Makes it even more special. “

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