“I just got fed up with football” – Former PSG star covers a forgotten tour of Park des Princes

Previous PSG Bodyguard Gregory van der Val. There was a magic of forgetting during my time in the French capital. The Dutchman has opened up about his magic with the League One giants, detailing what really happened during an interview with KickNet.

They. Explained:

“I didn’t really choose Paris. After the 2010 World Cup, I was less good. I lost my Euro 2012. And I didn’t have as many options as before. Unfortunately, at the time, I hesitantly changed. Agent. “

12-During the PSG 2012-2016, Toronto signing newcomer Gregory Van der Waal had 12 assists, ranking third among defenders during that period. Supply https://t.co/jbVQ2pS1Vq.

“For my career, I had to do this. I joined Menu Rawla. He already had some players in PSG, like Zlatan, so communication was easy and I was able to go there. I was three years old. An extension was offered. That’s true, but I chose not to extend. I wasn’t very happy there. I wasn’t always playing. I wasn’t guaranteed to play regularly. “

The defender said goodbye to the PSG after four seasons in Paris.
The defender said goodbye to the PSG after four seasons in Paris.

Van der Val’s struggle in the PSG.

The former PSG player talked about more examples that made him unhappy in PSG.

“There were a few incidents during my last season (2015/2016) that bothered me. I was talking, two to three days before an important match. Champions League Against Chelsea. “

“It was suspended. Everyone sent me messages: ‘Prepare yourself, it’s up to you to play.’ Of course it was an opportunity for me. He was a central defender.”

Official | PSG have confirmed that Gregory van der Waal is leaving the club at the end of the season as his contract expires.

“It’s a difficult time to live in, where you feel bad, you say to yourself: ‘Logo, I’m not good enough to be No. 2 in the right back position even in my center back. The place? ‘He didn’t want me to be there. To be honest, I was fed up with football at the time, and that’s why I went to Fenerbahce.

Gregory Van der Waal joined PSG in the summer of 2012. Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Marco Verti.

However, under Dutch manager Laurent Blanc failed to make the initial line-up, which influenced Fenerbahce’s decision to leave. During his four-year stint in Paris, Van der Waal made 132 appearances for the French club and scored four goals.


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