“I shouldn’t wait for a winner.”

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Stype music The UFC has broken its silence on its decision not to immediately engage in a triangular war with Francis Nagnau.

In an Instagram post, Meowk was spotted commenting on One Championship, Asia’s biggest MMA development.

In a post where fans were asked to sign up with the Chatterjee Seated Tong Promotion, Mike announced his presence with some emojis before responding to the user and creating his feelings about the UFC heavyweight title photo. Teased

“I shouldn’t wait for a winner, I have the heaviest heavyweight title defense of all time … We (Music & Nudity) 1: 1 But did DC get a quick rematch and triangulation from me?”

It is clear that Stipe Musk wants a third fight against the current UFC heavyweight champion. Francis Nagnau. 38 years old Cameroon lost its title at UFC 260 in March this year. Mewak, who is considered to be one of the biggest heavyweights ever, was knocked out by the ‘Predator’ after he was viciously knocked out in the second round of the match again.

However, the Ohio native won his first fight, which took place in UFC 220. He competed in five rounds at Nganno, defeating the current winner for the first time in the UFC.

Suffice it to say that Myosk, who had the biggest heavyweight title in UFC history, is asking for what he deserves.

Stipe Music competed a total of three times against former double champion and current analyst Daniel Cormier and won the title back in its second bout. The veteran fighter was the winner before the ballot fell on Nagnano. After getting ready to fight Cormier for the third time, Miosk is asking the UFC to treat him the same way he treated DC.

History of Stipe Music with UFC and Dana White

Stipe Music has a long history with UFC President Dana White and the organization. Music often criticized White for not paying attention and not appreciating what he deserved when he was champion.

One incident that apparently caused some animosity between the two was when Miyakisk refused to wrap White around his waist when he defeated Nagna on Eugenie 220.

Watch the video below:

Do you think Stipe Music deserves a three-way fight with Francis Nganano for the heavyweight leash? Or do you think that one of Derek Lewis and Searle Gain deserves to face the winner? Let us know in the comments!


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