I tried burgers from Asda, Lidl, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose to find the best for my BBQ.

At every turn on the UK road this weekend you are likely to hear one of the following phrases: “It’s too hot” or, “It’s baking” or “Maybe it’s too hot”. We’re not very good at dealing with the heat, but there’s one thing we do very well in the summer, and that is BBQ.

Burgers, sausages, kebabs, stick to them all. You can’t be too wrong.

Until you pick up the bad set of burgers. A bad set of burgers can ruin your BBQ completely.

They can be scattered on the grill and if you are not careful you can save half the burger. Fortunately for you, I’ve put six supermarket burgers for the final test, to see which one is the best supermarket burger.

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I cooked them all on my new Weber Genesis EPX-435 Smart Gas Barbecue Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It makes outdoor cooking as easy as pie, and has smart technology so you can track BBQ temperatures through an app on your phone.

Without further ado, here’s how burgers from Asda, Lidl, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose proved to be a test of my taste. (Of course I had to slicer the cheese.)

اسدا کا Quarter pounder burger چار 3 for four

The Asda Burger costs £ 3 for four.

To get the show on the street, I tried Asda’s burgers which split into a very respectable 75p. These are Asda’s bog standard burgers, and they performed as expected.

They were juicy if not slightly flavorful, but are great for mass catering BBQs. Get a family round, slap some of these cheap and delicious burgers and you’re the winner.


Lidel Beef burger £ 2.02 for two

Lidl Burgers Cost 2.02 For Two.
Lidl burgers cost 2.02 for two.

Lidl burgers were much more chunkier than the Asda, which I hope is even more expensive. They really surprised me.

The burgers were peppery, juicy, juicy and filled me up. I can’t blame them for being honest, except that it was just two days after the best purchase in history.


Ms. Our best beef burger ever 80 4.80 for two

The M&Amp;S Burger Costs £ 4.80 For Two.
The M&S burger costs £ 4.80 for two.

There is no beating around the bush, بی 4.80 is a lot of money to buy beef burgers in two supermarkets. That’s £ 2.40 per burger, more than I paid for two at Lidl.

There is no denying that these M&S burgers are really delicious, almost deserving. Of The best burger ever. He was also fond of Liddell Burger, Matty and Amir.

However, I’m not sure they were much better than a Liddell burger to justify doubling the price.


Sainsbury’s Taste the difference burgers 75 2.75 for two

Sainsbury'S Burgers Cost 2.75 For Two.
Sainsbury’s burgers cost 2.75 for two.

Sainsbury’s burgers were very different from other burgers. Although they were a little thin and lacking in texture, the burger had a herbal flavor that I couldn’t find enough. A cursory glance at the packaging tells me that rosemary is everywhere.

I had an internal debate about whether the structure allowed the burger to go so low that it could be moved upstairs, and I don’t think that’s the case. I will always choose the flavor on the texture.


Tesco Quarter pounder burger £ 2.85 for four

The Tesco Burger Costs چار 2.85 For Four.
The Tesco Burger costs چار 2.85 for four.

Tesco burgers were a lot like Asda burgers, cheap, cheerful and worked. Great for a big BBQ with lots of people, though I would definitely prefer a Tesco burger over an Asda one.

Tesco burgers are just traditional, no fuss burgers, with a strong round fleshy flavor that puts itself in a bun with cheese.


Waitress Essential beef burgers چار 3 for four

Waitrose Burgers Cost چار 3 For Four.
Waitrose burgers cost چار 3 for four.

Given that these burgers are among the essentials of Waitrose, I thought £ 3 is quite expensive, although I think it’s just like Asda. They don’t have to be as good as Asda.

This burger was more flattering than any other and had a hard, dry texture on the inside. There was nothing juicy about this burger either.


Aggregate decision

All Six Burgers Are Cooked On Weber'S Bbq.
All six burgers are cooked on Weber’s BBQ.

Liddell 9/10

Sainsbury’s 9/10

M&S 8/10

Tesco 7/10

Asda 6/10

Vitrus 5/10

Honestly, none of these supermarket flavor tests bombarded any of the burgers in a way that some food could eat, and the only reason Waitrose and Asda got low scores was because of their juicy burgers. Was kept together. Eaten alone, you will have no problem with both.

Another advantage is that all the burgers hold their shape during Barbie Kyung, unlike some cheap burgers that can spoil in the heat. Liddle and Sainsbury were at the top because of their ropes and taste.

You can buy the Weber Genesis Smart Barbecue range here.

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