I tried hot dog sausages from Aldi, Asda, Lidl, M&S, Tesco and Waitrose to find the best for my BBQ.

When choosing between burgers or sausage away from BBQ, I will. Always Pick up a sausage. Tap it into a bun, place a line of ketchup down the middle, and it’s summer in a sandwich.

So what exactly makes hot dog sausage? How is this bog different from standard sausage?

Hot dog sausage is either a frankfried, fried, processed meat, or, as many supermarkets now do, a regular sausage with a slightly smoked flavor and more spice. Really, there’s a sausage in a hot dog bun, but there are some that are even better.

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I made a comparison last week. Supermarket burgers To find the best for my summer BBQ on Webber Genesis 2022. This week, I compared supermarket sausages الدی , اسدا , Lidel , Ms. , Tesco And Waitress And here’s what I thought.

What do you think is the best hot dog sausage in the supermarket? Let us know in the comments.


Specially selected 4 smoky pork hot dogs 400 grams, £ 1.99

Aldi sausages cost چار 1.99 for four.

I started with الدی Sausage which was a great start. It was juicy, the taste was not too fat despite the number of white pockets inside the meat, and it was full of spice.

I can taste garlic, paprika, and even some herbs in the sausage. Although the overall quality of the sausage seemed a bit cheap, I thought it was really delicious and the best on the BBQ.



Extra Special 4 New York style hot dog sausages 400 grams, £ 2.50

Asda Sausages Cost چار 2.50 For Four.
Asda sausages cost چار 2.50 for four.

Of اسدا The sausage was very smoky and then very moist, with a slight crack in the skin which makes biting a hot dog very satisfying. It was a lot less greasy than alde sausage, although I think that meant a little compromise in taste.

There was very little spice in it. However, it did work and would be a great option for bulk shopping.



Deluxe 6 Big Dog Hot Dog Sausages 600 grams, 2.99

Lidl Sausages Cost چھ 2.99 For Six.
Lidl sausages cost چھ 2.99 for six.

Of Lidel The sausage surprised me, it was great quality – something you wouldn’t always expect from Lidl with budget prices. The sausage was full of herbs, moist, well cooked and the best I’ve ever tasted.

It was completely filled and bursting, and when I cut into it it overflowed with satisfactory crunch. The hot dog sausage was absolutely flawless.



6 coated dog pork with smoky seasoning 600 grams, £ 4.80

M&Amp;S Sausages Cost £ 4.80 For Six.
M&S sausages cost £ 4.80 for six.

Of Ms. The sausage was much more chunkier, and I was surprised when I first noticed that it tasted more like Frankfurt than any other. If you are looking for a better alternative to Frankfurt from a jar, this sausage will be perfect.

It had a slight lack of flavor, although not uncommon for Frankfurters, but not bad. Sausages are expensive, though.



Firepit 14 Jumbo Pork Sausages 1.12 kg, £ 4.50

Tesco Sausages Cost 14 4.50 For 14.
Tesco sausages cost 14 4.50 for 14.

Of Tesco Only the sausage was distributed on the BBQ when it was being cooked, this is a sign of a good quality sausage that I have been told. However, it did not suit the taste.

Sadly, the sausage tasted a little cheap, had a lot of fat in it, and it created a small flame under the grill from which the fat dripped. This is definitely a cheaper option to buy in bulk, but not the best in terms of taste.



Summer 10 Pork Hot Dogs 550 grams £ 4.25

Waitrose Sausages Cost £ 4.25 For 10.
Waitrose sausages cost £ 4.25 for 10.

Of Waitress The sausage was the most different of the six I tried, because it was thinner than greasy and juicy. I was curious.

Again, there was the smoke of Frankfurter sausage without any mud. It was flavored with garlic and paprika which I thought might have been stronger but overall I thought the sausage was delicious.

Although I do not necessarily choose the option of thick sausage, it is good to have the option of thin sausage in the market of large sausage.


Final decision

Sausages Are Spilling On My Weber Genesis.
Sausages are spilling on my Weber Genesis.

Liddle 10/10

Vitrus 9/10


M&S 6/10

Asad 6/10

Tesco 5/10

As with many of these side-by-side comparisons, none of the sausages were really bad, and only one after another, slightly better sausages were tested. I would happily make fun of any of them during the summer BBQ.

However, if I was choosing, Liddell sausages were my favorite because they were so nice and juicy, although I also liked the thinner option of the vitrus sausages.

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