“I was a top Mafia officer in New York and I was told that if I betrayed my brothers, I would die and burn in hell.”

A former mob boss who turned his back on his life in the mafia plans to come to Birmingham to tell the audience about the time he spent making money on one of New York’s most notorious gangs. Had spent as a member. Michael Franzis worked for the Colombo Family, an organized crime group that made millions of pounds through nefarious schemes.

At the height of his prominence as a mafia boss, Michael had 300 employees. He plans to tell the story, the story and everything in a special question and answer session on July 19 at Villa Park Stadium. Along with the untold stories of his life, he will talk about his criminal activities, high profile celebrities and political affiliations. , Running away with law enforcement, his imprisonment, seeking faith in God, and the dangers he faced when he broke his oath of silence and moved away from the Colombo family to lead a better life. went.

Talking to Manchester Evening NewsMichael said he first took a blood oath from the Mafia on Halloween 1975. With the top boss at the head of a horseshoe-shaped table, Michael, then 24, cut his finger with a knife in front of the leader. Of the family and its underbasis.

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He said his blood was spilled on a card showing a saint in his clothed hands. He was burned, as he was told: “Michael Frances, you are born again into a new life, Cosa Nostra, violate what you know about this life, betray your brothers.” Give, and you will die and burn in hell as is the Sunnah. Burning in your hands. Do you accept? “

He made that promise, says Michael, now 71. He added: “This is a night I will never forget. When you take the oath of Omertà, which is an oath of silence, you should never acknowledge the existence of this life, and you will never Can’t even deceive this life.

“It’s not an oath to say ‘tonight you are going to kill and steal and kill’. Does that happen? Yes. Did I break my oath? And I got away with it. “

When he was in his late twenties, Michael owned his jet, a Bell helicopter, a 7,000-square-foot home on two acres of land on Long Island, a house in Florida and a beach house in California. He defrauded the US federal government of more than $ 350 million by organizing a gasoline bottling scheme, making him one of the most powerful men in New York. In 1986, Vanity Fair named him one of the biggest earners in the crowd after El Capone. Fortune Magazine ranked him 18th on its list of the 50 richest and most powerful mafia bosses.

When he arrives in Birmingham, members of the audience are invited to ask Michael questions, enjoy a VIP reception, a three-course gala dinner and a charity auction. Speaking before the ceremony, Michael said he was ready to share his story with people and give them an insight into what the real meaning of mafia life is – and why he had to get out.

He said: “There aren’t many people who can say that they are on either side of the divide between the mafia and the law and live to tell the story. It’s like a ritual for me to be part of the criminal underworld Was, or as we call it, a ‘family business.’ In fact, I was good at it.

But I have seen the devastation caused by ‘life’. Leaves pain, discomfort, damage as a result. I have seen families devastated and wars on the streets. I was taken to a room in the hope that I would never go out again. “

It really was a family business. When Michael was arrested on fraud charges, he decided to turn away from the crime and follow God. Her father, high profile underboss Sonny Farage, was not happy. Sony agreed to his son’s life.

“It’s painful. My father and I were very close but I understood too,” Michael told the men. Was [to join the Mafia]So it puts him in danger too.

“Do I think my father shot me in the head?” He adds: “We fixed it later.” Michael’s father Sonny was released from prison 40 years later in 2017, when he was 100 years old. He died two years ago at the age of 103.

Michael is portrayed by Joseph Bono in the famous Goodfels movie, and he himself starred in the Netflix documentary Fear City: New York Vs. Acting in The Mafia. He was the first high-ranking member of a large mafia family to leave without protection. He broke his silence and walked away from his family, and today he is a movement speaker, youth empowerment activist, and author.

When will tickets for his Birmingham show go on sale?

Tickets are on sale now. Michael’s website And start at £ 100. Platinum ticket prices are up to £ 250, including admission to the VIP reception, meeting with Michael and the reception and signature photo, choosing your table position, three-course gala dinner, and unlimited alcohol and soft drinks. Included. Night.

The event also features a limited number of spectators at Michael’s own top table. Those interested should contact [email protected] for more details.

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