I wish everything was wrong.

Manuel Rodriguez Rivero likes to remind him of the existence of a word in German, in his Babylonian section, Shaden Freud – “joy for someone else’s evil” – which we should be in Spanish because of the frequency in which this joy Is experienced. Our country, therefore, should have another one with the title of this article (I don’t know if there is one in German). The operation is basically taking a few unusual examples of reality, focusing on them (the press does happily) and concluding that society as a whole is sick, tainted by these actions, and is involved and responsible. ۔

And yes, of course sex is a matter of first order. Whoever kills or beats a woman, who abuses or abuses her, deserves the most rejected notion. The problem is not Spanish, but almost universal. In France, in civilized Sweden, in uncivilized Russia, or in countries with strict Sharia law, the number of women killed or beaten by their partners or former partners is much higher than in Spain. What is often deliberately forgotten is that our numbers are infinitely smaller than in any past, even if only relatively recent estimates of relatively recent days. The leap that Spanish society as a whole has made, the awareness that this abuse is reprehensible and intolerable, as far as I can remember, is too much (I was born in Franco, yes, but not in the 19th century). ۔ There has been some extraordinary progress, of course, but it doesn’t seem to be worth remembering. It is better and more profitable for many people to pretend that we are still living in the 1940s, when in fact women did not have many basic rights and we treated them like Moroccans. Were not far from Fortunately, there is no sign of 40 or 50 or 60. And yet there are people – and dishonest journalists – who refuse to look at everything in a bid to make it unacceptable and horrible. There are still structural injustices, and everything can be improved and women need to be given more protection, but Spain is not the place where these people or the obscene and recent place of Salamanca City Council want to paint us.

The same thing happens with homophobia or LGTBIQ + phobia. There are attacks and insults and even some murders, but we do not live in a terrible panorama for the people involved in these abbreviations and who will be included. It is true that transvestites were happily accepted rather than rejected in the 70’s and 80’s. To my surprise and satisfaction, gay marriage was performed with ease and approval, except that Rogue bishops and reactionary parties like the KP. The majority of Spaniards not only opposed but praised, much more than other ideologically advanced nations, such as secular France or the liberal United States, in which resistance and protest were more noisy. I must admit that I did not expect this admirable attitude from my compatriots and yet it prevailed. In the current survey (not that any of them are reliable, but anyway), more than 90% of the population confirms that they do not feel at least hostile to homosexuals or transsexuals. Or, moreover, treat them just like any other person; Or more, not to be curious about their sexual preferences or identities. Yet there are those who are angry at any aggression or contemptuous look or satire against homosexuals, homosexuals and others, and accidentally unjustifiably against the society that has made this sector I’ve given enough signs of maturity and tolerance (I don’t like “tolerance” because there is nothing to endure, say indifference). Most of them don’t care who everyone sleeps with, and incidents of oppression or horror – whatever they are – are fortunately the exception, no matter how much they bother those who make everything deadly. Want.

Something similar can be said about racism, although there were some blacks here until the 1980s, not in the United States. I am amazed that no one in this country today remembers the great progress that has been made against racism since the 1960s, when there was still separatism in the South. Nor, above all, the large number of white Yankees or Nordists who died in a long civil war whose goals included the abolition of slavery throughout the region. This war, one of the most horrific of the 19th century, with hundreds of thousands of victims, was fought prominently among whites (some blacks took part: they had a hard time). Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Cases like George Floyd deserve to be rejected. But, even if they do, you’re not in the 1860s or 1960s. Silencing the good part of development and history, just highlighting the bad part and pretending that nothing has changed is exactly the title of this piece. I wish there was a word for that in some languages, not just in Spanish.

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