“I would like to follow in the footsteps of Sandesh Jhanghan,” said Changlisana Singh.

The signing of Indian center-back Sandesh Jhanghan in the Sibank of Croatia’s first division club HN has been an inspiring moment for his defending partner Changalisna Singh. The 24-year-old feels that Sandesh Jhanghan has opened up new opportunities for many future footballers and is now dreaming of following them.

“What Sandesh Jhanghan has done is amazing and it’s great for us as a player. We need to see more and find Europe and other places to improve ourselves and the national team. He opened the door for us. He is a great man and a playmate.

Sandesh Jhanghan signed a five-year deal with ATK’s Mohun Bagan last season. However, at the time of signing, a special clause was inserted in his contract that would allow him to terminate his contract with ATKMB if a European club called.

Why will the national team benefit from the era of Sandesh Jhanghan in Croatia?

Sandesh Jhangan and Changalisna Singh (Sana) have formed a strong center-back duo for the Blue Tigers in recent matches.

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Sana, 24, believes Sandesh Jhanghan is carrying on the legacy of Baichang Bhutia and Sunil Chhetri, who were among the first Indian footballers to become part of European football.

Sana also talked about the impact of Sindh Jhanghan on the national team. He feels that Jhangan’s move will benefit him and at the same time the Indian defender will get to learn new things from his senior counterpart.

“It simply came to our notice thenbrother , Sunil-brother. And then Gurpreet-پاجی, Who play abroad. And now it’s Sandesh Jhanghan, who is a defender. Whenever he comes back, I will have the privilege of learning from him as his defensive partner, and what he will bring back to the national team will be huge and immense. I would like to follow in his footsteps and his move will inspire us to look beyond Indian football and reach this level.

The young defender is currently in Kolkata as part of the senior national team. He is one of the brightest players in the Indian team.

Sana was born in Manipur and started playing football at the age of seven. He started his youth career with Mahindra United and was part of the team that won the 2010 Manchester United Premier Cup.

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In 2012, he joined the famous Tata Football Academy where he played for his U17 and U19 teams. While at the TFA, he won the Under-19 I-League in 2014.

He is currently part of Hyderabad FC in the Indian Super League (ISL).


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