If you already know why they are coming to him, Lalu Mora’s daughter broke the silence.

The most talked about topic in recent days has been Northern music singer Lalu Mora, mainly following the release of a video showing how he touches some of his fans inappropriately. Given the facts, Lalu Mora’s daughter decided to make a statement.

In the midst of one of the most critical moments in the feminist movement and respect for women, the man who was part of the “Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon” became an enemy for kissing and touching his followers on social networks. Outside and outside the country

Facing accusations and evidence, Norita’s music translator’s daughter, Aurora Mora, spoke to Multimedia where she did not justify her father’s behavior, but said it was something she would normally do. Is.

“There are no words, what can we do. We cheated, he’s calling her and this and the other, I’m half angry,” Aurora Mora told Multimedia.

On the other hand, Lalu Mora’s daughter mentioned that “if they already know him, why are they coming to him”, which led to comments from the audience who were anxious about the response.

A television channel in the north of the country offered the singer an apology, but he did not show up.

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