‘I’ll never accept your apology,’ paralyzed woman tells man who supplied gun – Meczyki Times

The mother of a child who was left paralyzed after being shot in her home by her neighbor has told a gunman she will “never” accept his apology because he He didn’t care about his life or his eight years. The life of the old daughter that day.

Defendant Joseph Byrne tried to apologize to Sinead Connolly from the dock today as she gave her victim impact statement, saying: “I’m very sorry. I’m very remorseful”.

However, the 34-year-old looked the accused, who she has known all her life, straight in the eye as her supporters applauded her and said: “It’s up to you and yours. You’re not sorry. Because you managed to get away for a week and leave my body there. It’s up to you, you may not have pulled the trigger but you were there.

Before reading her victim impact statement, Ms Connolly showed Byrne a picture of herself and her daughter in ICU.

After Ms Connolly’s exchange with Byrne, the court rose for a few minutes. When Mr Justice Paul McDermott returned to the bench, he said he understood emotions were running high but he had a job to do and was not helped by “any demonstrations” in court. “We will proceed on the basis of due decorum and I don’t want any more hurdles,” he insisted.

Ms Connolly was shot as her eight-year-old daughter hid under the kitchen table at her home in Bernard Curtis House. Apartments in Blue Bell, Dublin 12, in March last year. Ms Connolly suffered paralysis below the chest as a result of her injuries.

He previously told the court that the gunman – Dan McCarthy (33) – was “an evil, sadistic and cowardly thug” who led a campaign of abuse against him before trying to gun him down. I was permanently paralyzed, which “erased” him. And his family life.

At the Central Criminal Court last May, Joseph Byrne (33), with an address in La Touche Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12, pleaded guilty to possession of a G9A high-power semi-automatic handgun with intent to endanger. Life on 6 March 2021 at the Blue Bell in Dublin 12.

Byrne also pleaded guilty to possessing Luger Bernoulli ammunition in circumstances which give rise to a reasonable inference that he did not possess it for any lawful purpose on that occasion.

Last April, Dan McCarthy was jailed for 15 years after pleading guilty to Ms Connolly’s attempted murder on March 6, 2021.

At Friday’s sentencing hearing, Detective Garda Colm Reynolds detailed the background to the incident. He told prosecuting counsel, Ann Marie Lawler SC, that Byrne had supplied the gun to his next-door neighbor McCarthy, who had approached him before the attack. Both McCarthy and Byrne gained entry to Ms Connolly’s flat before fleeing the scene.

The detective said Ms Connolly gave a statement to gardaí saying she had known McCarthy and Byrne since they were children.

Detailing the events that led to the accident, Ms Lawler said McCarthy and Ms Connolly had had a significant falling out before the attack and that McCarthy had threatened her over the weeks and months. And told them that she would be the attacker. He was taken out of his house in a body bag.

The court heard that on the day of the attack Byrne, who lived about 200 yards from McCarthy’s home, arrived with the gun that was used to shoot Ms Connolly.

Det Reynolds said during an exchange of firearms between the two men, the gun accidentally went off and McCarthy was shot. Shortly afterwards at 12.55pm McCarthy who was with Byrne “kicked in” the door to Ms Connolly’s flat.

The court heard that Ms Connolly was standing in the sitting room and her four friends brought her daughter into the kitchen for safety. The four men blocked the kitchen with their combined body weight and placed the child under the kitchen table.

Ms Connolly told gardaí she knew one of the attackers was “Joey” Byrne and that he had his hoodie up. He said he wasn’t sure if Byrne gave the gun to McCarthy or if McCarthy already had it.

Ms Connolly was shot in the shoulder area by McCarthy and collapsed on the sofa. The next bullet, which paralyzed him, made downward contact with the victim. The witness said Ms Connolly had no memory of the first shot as she had ‘blacked out’. The court heard that McCarthy then ‘struck’ the victim with the gun.

Detective Reynolds said gardai went to the suspect’s home but were unable to make contact with him. However, Byron made himself available to gardaí on March 14 after contacting his solicitor and went to Kevin Street garda station, where he was interviewed on five occasions.

Ms Lawler told the court that Ms Connolly was also brought to St James’s Hospital before being later transferred to the National Rehabilitation Centre. She has since returned to St James’s Hospital, where she is in intensive care.

The court heard that Byrne has three previous convictions, including for drug-related offences.

Before reading her victim impact statement, Ms Connolly showed Byrne a picture of herself and her daughter when she was in the ICU. He told the judge that he spent three-and-a-half months in the ICU and underwent multiple surgeries because of life-threatening bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. He said he was confined to a wheelchair and had no use of his lower body.

The victim told the judge that she spent ten months at the National Rehabilitation Center but became very ill there with pneumonia and a UTI infection and has since returned to St James’s Hospital. He said he is now paralyzed, at risk of future spinal cord injury and has a shortened life expectancy.

Opening her victim impact statement, Ms Connolly said Byrne and McCarthy “fell in” at her home a year ago and Byrne had given the gun to the shooter.

She said she was shot three times and was permanently paralyzed. “We were planning my daughter’s eighth birthday before this frenzied and vicious attack that changed my life forever. Joseph Byrne and another man were standing in front of me when the other man opened fire. “I know Joseph Byrne. No one can understand such cruelty and apparent evil,” he continued.

Referring to her nine-year-old daughter, Ms Connolly said they have been estranged since the incident and have had to relinquish their parenting role, which is difficult because they are so close.

“No child should ever see their mother unconscious and covered in blood. If Joseph Byrne had not had a gun, I would not have been shot and left with life-changing injuries. He shot me. Facilitated the gunman. He is a menace to the society especially women and children and he has destroyed our lives. I will never accept your apology,” he said.

At this point, the accused intervened from the dock and said: “I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry”.

Looking at the accused from the stand, Ms Connolly set aside her victim impact statement and said: “It’s on you and your hands. You’re not sorry because you managed to get away for a week and find my body. Left there.

As the victim’s friends applauded in court, Michael O’Higgins SC, for Byron, told her not to reply to Ms Connolly.

Ms Connolly added: “You don’t care about my life or my baby’s life, it’s up to you. You may not have pulled the trigger but you were there.”