Image: Man (22) was accused of stealing the delivery man’s bike the night Josh Dunne was killed

It is a 22-year-old accused of stealing a €400 bike from a delivery cyclist the night Josh Dunne was stabbed to death.

Evin Dunner of the East Wall in the city of Dublin is facing three charges from the incidents in the northern city that night.

Riddick faces a charge of theft of an electric-assisted bicycle worth €400 at Tiago da Silva’s estate on East Wall Road on January 26, 2021.

He faces another charge of assault or engaging in violent disorder on East Wall Road on the same date.

And he faces a third charge of assault, causing damage to delivery cyclist Guilherme Queiroz again on the same date.

It is understood Mr. Dooner is to appear in the Criminal Justice Court on July 25 to serve up the book of evidence in the case.

On Wednesday of last week, Brazilian native Jorge Bento, a delivery cyclist who spent more than 500 days in custody accused of murdering 16-year-old Josh Dunne – was freed after being cleared of any felony in relation to the fatal stabbing. Done.

Mr Bento (36) has been in custody for nearly 18 months after the High Court refused him bail, but after the verdict, Judge Mr Justice Paul Burns told him he was free to go.

Mr. Bento smiled and hugged family and friends when the verdict was announced.

Members of Josh Dunne’s family, including his mother, quickly left the court.

It took more than eight hours for a jury of seven women and five men to reach a unanimous verdict on all cases after a six-week trial.

Josh, an unarmed teenager unknown to Gardai, is stabbed to death twice.

Assistant State Pathologist Dr. Heidi Oakers said Josh had two stab wounds to the chest.

The cause of death was a wound in the middle of the chest that pierced the muscles between the ribs and entered the chest cavity, piercing the lungs close to the heart.

It also entered the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body.

Following the verdict, Mr Justice Paul Burns thanked the jury and exempted him from further service for seven years.

After being released from custody in court, Mr. Bento gave a brief statement to the waiting media that had gathered outside.

In it, Mr Bento – who faced life imprisonment if convicted – said: “I said sorry at the beginning, at the end,” when asked whether he admitted that it was a very difficult day for the boy’s mother. was.

“Hopefully one day she can forgive me for what happened. I continue to say sorry.”

He said that what happened to his son was never his intention.

Of the acquittal, he said, “I am very grateful, I pray very much for it.”

He felt a great “feeling” and would need time to “process” the matter and its outcome.

“My focus now is my family and spending some time with the people who love me and the people who support me,” he said. Mr Bento was concerned that his nationality might work against him, but he believed it was a “fair” process.

Earlier, the jury at Mr Bento’s trial heard that he only had good intentions when he arrived in Ireland.

“I worked a lot and I always try to make my life better,” said Mr Bento, who arrived in Ireland in February 2019.

Soon, he found a job as a food delivery cyclist, but, like other couriers, was often attacked by youths, who threw stones and eggs.

During his murder trial, he said: “[I] Always avoid, and always try to walk away.”

“For him it was fun, for us we were working and trying to make life better,” he said in broken English, adding that he had not come to Ireland to “make problems” for anyone. “My intention is to do something good and nothing bad ever happens,” he told his murder trial.

Following a ‘not guilty’ verdict this week, it is understood he is now planning to leave Ireland.

Speaking this week, Josh Dunne’s mother Diane said she would never forgive Mr. Bento for killing her son.

“I will never forgive him, no, never, no, never.

“I am still going to fight for justice. This is just the beginning…”

“That (apology) will never happen.

“He took my child’s life and then he left free. It’s just showing other people that ‘this is gorgeous, of course you can do that.

“I’m struggling (with the decision), but I have to get there, I have two little ones to take care of.”

Following his death in January last year, the family of 16-year-old Josh – who played for Bohemian Under-17s – remembered him in tribute as “a wonderful, happy and talented boy who was tragically cut out of our lives.” Was removed. 16 years.”

In a statement, he said: “Josh’s smile brightened every room he went to and had a promising career ahead of him on the football pitch.

“We will always remember Josh as a happy, caring and wonderful boy. A dreamer and a doer. ,