Imagine what history would be like if Aztecs were victorious.

A. uchrony it is a Literary genreOr in which The author creates an alternative story. The plot is from a place in the past where something happened. It’s different from how it actually happened

And a novel that presents us with this possibility, “The Game of Moctizoma”, by Omar Neto., In which the author raises. If Aztecs were victorious, what would be the course of history? In its confrontation with the Spanish

And what would happen? If the Cortés navigators were locals. And they would share with them the secret of firearms and they would explain to them how ships are built to cross the seas and so on. The Aztecs invaded Spain.

About this fascinating game of imagination, Vanguardia spoke with Omar Neto (ON), the author of the original novel.

Vanguardia: We are at a historic moment in which the President of Spain apologizes publicly and instead invites us with your novel what would have happened if things had been different. How was this project born?

On: This is the result of two obsessions that I have been putting aside for a long time. لاجواب۔ And the question on the other hand Identity of Mexico In the first case, I have a book called “The general theory of the answer” There I suggest that in the twenty-first century fantasy literature there is only the option of rewriting, re-thinking, re-examining, recreating previously imagined things and understanding reality as a discourse, and It’s a matter of story. The story is different in that the historian sees it and it is a matter of Mexican history. The official history we have is the vision of the loser. Because there are practically three sources: Cortes’ correspondence letters, “Conquest of Mexico” by Lopez de Gamara, who was Cortez’s confessor, and Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who was Cortez’s soldier. And besides, all three try to look good with the crown and are not reprimanded for the massacres, barbaric acts that took place in Mesoamerican territory. That on the one hand, to get two great titles and to fulfill three medieval dreams, the conqueror, the man on horseback who enriches the king’s treasury. That It has nothing to do with the “winner’s vision.”, By Miguel Leon Portella, which is the vision of our natives, for whom the arrival of the Spaniards and this great war being fought by the enemies of the Aztecs, has long been a symbol of the world. About the end.

When we talk Moctizoma, they want to weaken it., But actually He had a mystical view that conflicted with that of the novel’s main character, Cuitláhuac, his brother, who was appointed captain-general of the Aztec Empire. And this contradicts the image of a priest with whom Moktizuma was anointed. There is a turning point in history, with capital letters. Fighting indigenous resistance against Cuitláhuac, which would have been possible if he had not died of smallpox. If Cuitláhuac had survived, the conquest and what we call Mexico would have been very different, this is where the thread of this novel goes.

Vanguardia: There is a lot of historical research in your work, how did you combine the work behind the novel? How long did it take you?

On: I devoted two consecutive years. Re-read Spanish sources and consider all Spanish sources as indigenous until you decide to stop reviewing them. So that the balance goes to the few people we have, for example Tezozomoc, “The Mexican Chronicle”, the writings of Sahagan’s informants and the most recent scientific reviews on Tezcatlipoca and the Pantheon in Mexico. Also on new codes, new strips that have been found to increase the weight of the loser’s vision. (…) My intention from the beginning was to create a Mexican epic, we have never had an epic in our literary history, even though we come from deeply warlike people. And a very important war theory and inspiring theology.

Vanguard: With the novel you suggest an exercise in imagination, which means how we would be if things were in Aztecs’ favor.

On: Our story is about the losers, we are the ones who have counted themselves among the losers forever. We never considered what we would be like if we were winners.We will be committed to stop being eternal victims and stop blaming others for our fate.

I believe that The novel discovers or revises that we have come from a powerful root, Not just from the Mexican nation, but. Of all the Mesoamerican nations It is important to note that the Aztecs were the only other tribes that were as great and powerful as the Mystics, the Zapotecs, the Taracus, the Maya, and so on. It was, in fact, an indigenous continent made up of many nations, of which the Aztecs were the only ones., But we did not consider it. Since we call it ‘indigenous people’, it’s like a trivial matter, for me. I like to call them indigenous peoples, they have their own language, their own history, their own religion, their own worldview and social organization.. And not only that, they have survived for over 500 years. They speak Mian in the Yucatan, not Spanish, live in Tojolabiles Chiapas, continue in Remori Sierra de Chihuahua, and Yaquis and Meuse decide their lands. He speaks in the mountains of Guerrero and in the Sierra de Puebla. Nahutel is still spoken of in these rural delegations in Mexico City. And we keep eating Tamil …

Vanguardia: And celebrating with Atoll …

On: Of course, we eat tortillas twice a day, so where is the real victory? And don’t talk about the return to Eastlan, where 30 million Mexicans live in the New Mexico, California area.

Vanguard: In that sense, I think it’s important to highlight the continuity of indigenous peoples, while Isabel Diaz Esso, president of the Community of Madrid, has announced that he has brought Spanish civilization.

On: No one asked them, not civilization, not Christianity. The novel suggests what would have happened if it had been the other way around, which is why it begins at Cuitláhuac off the coast of Spain, with the skulls of Cortés and his officers covered in gold, the gold they wanted. And with a very important indigenous symbol, covered with leather – the skin of the deer Cortes, which was a ritual of the god Xipetotec. what will happen? We would have pyramids in Madrid, temples of Tezcatlipoca, instead of churches.

Vanguardia: The exercise of imagination is very interesting.

On: At least in fiction it’s possible.

Vanguard: That’s one of the benefits of literature.

On: I think it’s very important that we understand that there is a yes in literature, and that was the idea, to take it to the final conclusion, without exception.

VANGUARD: If I asked you to describe your uchrony with three adjectives, what would they be?

On: Dystopian, Brave I want to say better. Risky, Literally and Necessary. It was necessary for us in literature to take revenge on the power of fiction.

VANGUARD Who would you like to read your novel?

On: Everyone except historians. I’d love to read this for you. Spanish What to learn in the end Self-criticism, historical review and the ability to recreate is their own imagination.Not only do they apologize to us, Spain didn’t even exist, it was the kingdom of Castella and Leونn, they were at war with the Moors and the Franks. And Mexico didn’t exist like that, it was just Mexico against all Nahua and non-Nahua people, it was a state of war. You can’t apologize because 500 years ago everyone was at war.


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