Immigrants condemned Mexico’s crackdown ahead of bilateral talks with the United States.

Tapachola, a Mexican-American immigrant, mostly from Central America and the Caribbean, said Thursday that the Mexican government’s crackdown is making him a “prisoner” in the south of the country.

Immigrant comments contradict Mexican President Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador’s pledges for humanitarian treatment, ahead of a high-level meeting between Mexican and US officials in Washington on Thursday, where the two countries agreed that poor areas should be developed. Long term solution which slows migration north.

Guillermo Rivas, 25, from El Salvador, said: “Mexican authorities are abusing us immigrants who say they were beaten by agents while in a detention center in the southern city of Tapachola.

The Mexican Immigration Agency, which runs the detention center, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rivas said he has been waiting in the city for about five months for asylum applications to allow him to move freely to Mexico.

“Tapachola is like a prison,” he told Reuters by telephone on Thursday. “We are asking Mexico to open its doors so that immigrants can be allowed to enter the country without danger, abuse or abuse.” ۔ “

Migration was one of the top issues. High-level talks in Washington, Where authorities agreed to move forward with development programs in southern Mexico and Central America to address the economic reasons that lead to immigration to the United States.

Ahead of the talks, Lopez Obrador said that Mexican authorities and security forces “fully and fully respect the human rights of immigrants” and presented Washington’s discussions as the beginning of a “new phase” in immigration politics. ۔

“Today’s meeting is very important, because no attention has been paid to the population that considers it necessary to emigrate. For years there has been nothing, everything is there, everything is forced, and this There is no way to solve social problems.

But led by bilateral talks, Mexico came under increasing pressure. To take immediate steps to reduce immigration from Washington to the United States, even in Tapachola, immigrants became frustrated and hundreds fled the city in a series of caravans.

In response, Mexico deployed security forces. Including the heavily militarized National Guard., To block, sometimes violently, groups, including many families and young children.

“I risked my life to avoid being arrested,” said Max, a Haitian caravan member who declined to give his last name as he crashed on a highway in the southeastern state of Veracruz on Wednesday. گھوما۔

Describing how he threw himself under a bridge to avoid capture, he condemned the recent treatment of himself and other immigrants by Mexican security forces.

He said that the process of migration should not be like this.

The National Guard quoted Reuters as quoting Mexico’s immigration agency, which said in a statement that it had suspended two agents and that the agency “condemns any aggression against immigrants.”


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