Immigration justice administrators block the ICE black site in New Jersey

“ICE literally steals our neighbors and then acts as if it’s not happening,” said Kelly, an administrator. Movementto Kosicha, A network of managed administrators working for the permanent protection of 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. “I work in schools where children have deported family members.”

Kelly said many people believe that the ICCE’s detention of undocumented people is no longer a worrying issue, as the presidential administration and the political environment have said something new. There were concentration camps then and there are still concentration camps.

Currently, there are more than 27,000 immigrants in detention in the United States – an 82% increase since the beginning of the Biden administration. To highlight the Democrats’ most common culprits for promoting damage to the immigration system, organizers presented a glimpse of Tuesday’s action, which read in bold letters: “DMS Deportation, Two. “

Throughout the morning, passers-by cheered and cars saluted their horns in solidarity. A local business owner, who stopped them by demonstration, even stopped to ask for more information and ask questions. He was so impressed with the protest message that he circled the organizers at the end of the day to provide free donuts and coffee. Ongoing support exemplifies what Kelly and others have described as the real desire of most Newark residents to distance ICE from their community.

“Newark doesn’t support it, and if people knew [about the black site] There will be resistance, “Kelly said.

Like other states across the country, New Jersey’s immigration advocates have been increasing pressure on the ICE in recent years, which has made some significant gains in the process. In April, Essex County announced it would end its 13-year relationship with ICE and would no longer detain immigrants by the agency after August 23. In June, S3361, a bill was passed that would further ban state contracts. Both houses of the New Jersey Legislature. Immigration justice rights are now attached to the community parliament State ACLU ChapterGov. They are organizing petitions and campaigns for the government to get Phil Murphy to sign the law immediately.

But for people outside of immigrant justice, what you can’t see can be difficult to resist, and ICE’s ambiguity compensates for avoiding self-harm and criticism. The purpose of Tuesday’s protest was not just to stop the operation for the day, but to raise awareness about the existence of the site and the current presence and impact of the ICE on those working in the area. Some employees in the private complex of BlackSite buildings had no idea what was going on inside the facility. The building itself is marked, as are DHS vans that transport inmates in and out of the facility.

Screenshot 2021-07-23at9.06.34AM.png
At Newark’s Airport Business Business Park, the 620 Freelance Housing was left unmarked, leaving many residents unaware of the ICE’s presence.

In a brief conversation with Prism, Heidi Torres, the administrator with Movimanito Kosha, explained that in order to find and publicize these goals, immigration justice administrators need to understand how ICE works in its community. How people are included in the immigration system. , And where they physically find themselves once in it.

Throughout the day, Torres was among those who guided the audience, shared data about the ICE and encouraged passers-by to join. Torres has disguised himself and worked to educate the public about the relationship between the immigration system and large-scale incarceration, and police violence often involves building a pipeline that Non-documented people contact the ICE. After learning about this relationship, the inevitable question for Torres and other organizers arose: “Once people are relocated, where do they go?”

They sought answers by building deeper relationships with those affected by the system, including both detainees and their loved ones. Insider Stories help organizers identify 620 Franlington Avenue for the day’s proceedings. The location in New Jersey where all deportations, conversions, and ICE raids and raids are carried out is one of 30 similar black sites located nationwide. ICE stands for “Field Office”.

A statement issued by the coalition on Tuesday included the story of Sierra Leonean immigrant Alex Kumara, who was held in Bergen County Jail until he was transferred to a facility in Arizona on July 13.

“From Free Lingo High Avenue, they forced us to sign the papers,” Kamara said. About six boys threw us, and threw us on the street. And then our hands and feet were tied and they grabbed us. Delivered to Newark Airport.

Stories like Kamara also highlight the need to understand immigration justice as a black issue. Torres insisted on advancing this fact because the media, the general public and even some advocacy groups often fail to recognize his stories. There are 400,000 black immigrants in the United States and at least 1.5 million undocumented. Because of the disproportionate policing of black people, and the ability of local law enforcement to transfer immigrants into ICE custody, the risk of detainees being deported increases. In fact, while black immigrants make up less than 9% of the unverified population in the United States, more than 30% of immigrants face deportation for alleged criminal offenses.

A coalition of advocates from Tuesday’s action has been working with black immigrants such as Kama and Haitian immigrants like Patrick Jolni, who have been detained since 2019, to work to bring these stories to the attention of the public at large. During the proceedings, the moderators read excerpts An article Jolani wrote about her inner experience and the stress on her family.

“I live every day for fear that the ICE will transfer me to another detention center,” Julie wrote. “Apart from being deported, this is my biggest fear because I miss the tour that goes with them. [my wife] I will lose something in Laura that makes it bearable for me.

Torres also repeated the stories, as usual, reminding the crowd of what the people there had experienced.

“Once here, they take their fingerprints and all the information they need to put on the deportation plane,” Torres said. “And from all the stories I’ve heard about immigrants who have been locked up in this facility here, it’s cruel. It is shocking that they are harming our people. How many children are left without their parents? His family members? They are ashamed and ashamed of all the businesses that know what is happening because they are hiding, they have been hiding for a long time and they are no longer hiding.

“Shame!” The organizers resounded.

As the afternoon approached, Tuesday’s action began to approach. Vans successfully evacuate detainees out of state, an international flight is yet to be prepared for deportation The number of detainees was withheld, And the presence of the state’s black site was brought to the attention of the people. As the doors opened, employees in other businesses allowed private trucks and cars to exit, with regulators highlighting the noise and heading out, highlighting the fact that work was still a long way off and The urgent need to preserve freedom will require both action and more voices. For the rest of this week, the Alliance will host #RelayssNotTransfers, A series of digital initiatives for supporters to join both New Jersey and abroad.

Tamar Sarai is a reporter for the criminal justice staff at Davis Prism. Follow her on Twitter Embed Tweet.

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