Impossible – El Financiro

He says that politics is the art of the possible. This premise surges in a politics with Martín Olavarrieta, analyzing the actual situation. The idea is that this affirmation is the perfect solution, like the affidavit Sloterdijk in its text En el mismo barco. Distinguish the character between the politically possible and the impossible is the characteristic of the time that we live in this country, which is our bar. Therefore, it is possible to salvage the political front to the excesses of the impossible, that is, the excesses of power. The relationship between the state of the state and the state of privacy, or the interests of the groups, from the point of view of a pyramid, where the actors can be mad, asimir decisions with politeness Personal interest of group or group.

AMLO we find this impossible. No hay espacio for politics in its style gobierno. Relation with the narcissistic and organized delicacy, including the hucacol, is invincible, like vimos in the elec- tions, in the salute to the mother of “El Chapo” . Your insistence is the inaccuracy of the abrasions and no balaclavas because to your dicho, donde domina un certel hay menos violencia. Valle de Bravo tomed the secrets that all extortion with the complication of the authorities, even with the preservation of the National Guardia. Grupos armado toman San Cristóbal de las Casas, otro pueblo magico abatido.

And it is impossible to control the SCJN, the attack on the periodists and mediums, the cancellation of NAICM for a patent input, the AIFA, which is not the utilization, the public dissemination of public relations, regardless of their illusions. The frames of Dos Bocas, the language of empire and inversion, the support of the Latin American dictators, the use of combustible fixtures and carbons, the incumbent international treatments, which conform to our supreme legal supremacy.

And there are more impossibles that rompen to the state of Derecho and imponen intereses personally. The ideology of education, the destabilization of the national system of health, the simulation of data, about everything that is contradictory to its narrative. At the same time the electorates autoridas for descalificarlas, and in their case, alagara fraud. The narrative lies about corruption, where your family and cercanas are enriched. There is a militarization that does not save the public security, nor the cost of constructs, nor any other emergencies for natural disasters.

More accusations that the implication of parenting, the international politics, the T-MEC, its relation with Biden, its urgency in the Cumberland of the Americans for deserving of democracy, the offerings of the Parliament of Europe, of Europe , aloschoosope el aumento de la pobreza, incertidumbre sobre las reglas para invertir, en fin, sigue la lista.

But now we’re in the bar, AMLO has me. The alienza va for Mexico is competitive and hay tiro. If coordinates are based, we have a 40% PAN-PRI-PRD solution, as opposed to a 45% increase in Morena, without considering MC. As it happens, the impossible is centered in destroying Alianza. Request an Anaya for the PAN to be divided. The disaster in the PRI is inevitable, among the attacks from the goblins, there are first-generation electorates and the latest internal division. Dante delgado sigue jugando su papel de bisagra para aumentar sus ventajas competitivas, aunque tenga pocos votos. Sus cartas, Colosio, García and Alfaro, are on their own. The PRD or the AMLO defense, however, presents itself and the national support you.

In Morena also has a lot of romance. From Las Corcolatas to Atacan Bajo La Mesa. Aumentó el número tras el mitin en el Edomex, y para evitar rupuras se incorporó a Monreal, Moctezuma y Tatiana. If you find that the real Morena will definitely confirm the candidacy, but otherwise impossible, it will be accepted by dedicating magic. And Monreal knows that the inquiries of Morena from the contradictions of the realities, as suced with Claudia Sheinbaum.

However, how can we actually conform to the principle that politics is the possible art when we are living the impossible? The requirements for visions and visions of the state to distinguish the impossible hackia 2023 and 2024 because of the passage of possible things fuara of all interests in the implication of interest. From here on out, there is no regulation or regulation. Here we are with the mobilization of the cabinet, the gobernadores, the legislators and the servants of the nación more.

But to make the impossible possible, first of all you have to be aware of the fact that we are living in a national situation. Secondly, that we can and will participate in the Alianza because all of us are Mexicans. We have no President, not a national unity, but something impossible. Contribute to the rest of the country and its institutions.

The National Front of FCV, FCN, is an alien group, which seeks to change the presidential system, mediating a co-ordination of the do’s and don’ts of equilibrium with its goblins with the participation of all. Create a unique candidacy that is legitimate as a competitor, mediates the elevation of authority. Interact with all the parties, social organizations and get the property out of the city.

This statement was made from the CDMX caption with 16 algorithms because the presidential election passed by this city. The capitals or derrotams we authorize and marquee pauta a nivel nacional de que con una alta votación en las urnas, la derrota de Morena, con todo y sus ayudas y autoridades, no es imposible.