Impunes, 9 out of 10 attacks with ácido a mujeres en el país

Of the 32 women who have lost their temper with the feud in 2001, in the case of those who are emotionally charged, only 26 victims have been able to conceive of the secrets and confusions. The other two muriyron to the consecration of the lesions, apparently Carmen Sánchez, who created the fundraiser that takes its number and accomplishes it to the best.

Inform the secret that more than 85 per cent of the attacks were rooted in the roster, but it is very frequent that the cuelo, pecho and las extremists also resulted in results.

Determined that their leaders have already been processed, but in 30 cases, which represent the 94 by chance, there is not a single sense of integrity or integrity of the day.

“Soybean’s the most exciting thing in 2014, the aggravation is a special kind of femininity that doesn’t just happen in the life of women, but also in the words and messages of our children.”

The aggravations are a special kind of femininity of Violence that does not just happen in the life of women, but also in months and years later.

Carmen Sanchez

“Hasta el día de hoy, he said that some of the 61 cirrhosis to reconstruct part of the piel effect and my state of health in these sixty años ha sido crtico. Cada que entro y salgo de una cirugía, pongo en rygo mi vida ”, expresó.

I believe that the continent, the insomnia, the larvae of jasperdas in espera and the follicles, have given rise to other types of diseases like gastritis, dolores of cabbage and spasms.

It also activates the california as important as it encounters the completeness that exists in torno this type of extreme Violence and delays in the claro that lac aggression with ácido not its simple lesions, so as to ascend the medical legacy of its legacy in torno hunting.

Carmen Sánchez expresses that at the moment provocation in the victims of various types of effects in the salutary physics, that he reflects on the definition of curation and what to do with life. See how the carcass can quickly come to a halt, the cap of the yoke and, in some cases, the hue and cry of the debtor.

Details that the paraphernalia and labia are completely destructive, the narcissus and the odyssey are severely affected, adamis de que hay riesgo de septicemia, falla renal, despigmentación e incluso la murte.

Tenía problemas para respirar, el ojo estaba irritado esto puede provocar que se pierda la visión son muchas secuelas que tiene por el ataque con el ácido. The important thing is irnos pass by pass

Diego Gonzalez Chapa.
Medico Sarojano

“Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way, with the result that there is no doubt about it, depression, or autoimmune diseases; It is difficult to find a stable job, which will affect your life and family “.

The Circuit Diego Gonzalez Chapa commented that attending to the participants at the Carmen Sánchez MX fundraiser were treated secretly.

There were several occasions or other reconstructive surgeries that were made at the moment that attended to the urgent or urgent treatment received at the Mexican Institution of Social Security (IMSS) or at the Mexican Institution of Social Security el Seridosdoresto de Social Estado (ISSSTE).

Recorded that the last case of the tenant who had his surrogate in his rostrum and that he had contracted injuries, over all the construction of the paraphernalia.

“Tenía problemas para respirar, el ojo estaba irritado esto puede provokar que se pierda la visión; son muchas seculas que tiene por el ataque con el ocido. time; two, there are a lot of procedural deals solo jalón, for declaring así, and is very aggressive for the patient and the recuperation can be dolorosa “.

For his part, the abolitionist Carlos Olvera, assisted by the Ciudadano National Observatory of the Femininity, said that those who are aggravated may have a 14-hour hearing, or that they should be treated. The result is that the problem is that there are jokes and public ministers that are classical like this and this is less than penny.