In 2021, there were 144 projects

Chihuahua The President of the Chihuahuense Empire Foundation (Fechac), Región Chihuahua, Hugo Armando Loya presented the Information Activities 2021 in which he received more than 124.5 million pesos and 144 projects of 554 projects.

The presentation was made at the Casino de Chihuahua, the Secretariat of Education, Javier Gonzalez, and the representation of Governadora Maru Campos, the Alcalde Marco Bonilla, the President of the State of Fechac, Luis Alberto Barrio and the Coordinating Coordinator. Baeza, the secretary general of Hacienda, José Granillo and the president of the congress, Georgina Bujanda, Erika Seyffert, director of the fundraiser, among others.

The research is focused on education, health and social capital projects.

Hugo Armando Loya made it clear that the education was transformed into life and in this rubbery invite 60 million pesos and 12 plantel donde with habilitaron techumbres, aulas, canchas deportivas, entre otros.

Inform that you have more than 20 years of invitations to the promotion of social development and the like.

This is always possible with the decision of the emperors and their strategic alliances.

Thanks to all those who are interested in communicating with their inversions and voluntary horoscopes, these ultimate summaries are more than 900 millimeters.

There was a minute of silence for Dr. Pedro Leal Solis, who was listening to Fechac for tears and tears in the institute.

He joined a reconciliation with his mother Irene Solis and Hijo.

It also enhances the operational equipment of the Fundación, as part of the cooperation with the Municipio Presidio by Marco Antonio Bonilla, with which the quadrupeds have more than 20 million users.

Announcing that the coordination with the municipal administration in 15 schools with the ADN program with three millennia and a half admirals from the academic academy from the brindar aliments.

From the United Nations escort and calorie-to-peer reconciliation to Samuel Kakisch, who was the promoter of the creation of the Chihuahuense Fundamental Foundation.

In his internship, Federico Baeza, President of the Conseido Coordinating Empire Brinded a reconciliation to all the formalities that with his impulses could be possible tenacity funds as Fechac.

Indicates that the Chihuahua emperors were terrified with the mayor pago de impuestos y destacó que hay que avanzar todavía dos peldaños.

Asymptomatic that if he had received other entities that would try to replicate the fundraising in his entities.

Feel the 130 entrepreneurs who participate in more than 10 suggestions to find the best projects to be supported.

We want more entrepreneurs to trade and support their time to fundraising.

Inform that during the pandemic, the 57-year-old was aware of the salutations in the rubbish salute, with the salvage of the vidas.

On his own, the alchemist Chihuahua, Marco Antonio Bonilla, said that he had no choice but to accept the job and responsibility that he had from the President of Fechac, Hugo Armando Loya.

Destruction of the society of parejo to sacar adelante a Chihuahua.

Indicates that the Chihuahuense Fundamental Foundation is the most angular to the social development of Chihuahua. Además de que se tiene más de 170 million de inversión conjunta con la Fundación desde el 2018 en beneficios de miles de beneficiaries.

Indicates that empires are alien to the most important causals.

In the most modern conveniences for 60 million people, the application in the zona oriente, the prevention of adolescents, in the donde las madres can be given in safe places, in a number of albars.