In a Florida school district, 17 staff members with optional masks have died from COVID-19 since August.

According to NBC, Polk County’s school system is one of the largest in the country, with more than 100,000 students. COVID-19 of the district. dashboard A total of 3,803 “confirmed cases” have been listed since the start of the school year in August. Chicago Public Schools, serving more than 340,000 students. 1,832 confirmed cases since the end of August. That is more than double the number in Polk County, a school district with less than a third of the students employed by Chicago Public Schools.

Polk County is one of the few districts in Florida that has not denied a decentres attack on Florida’s health, so masks are optional for both students and staff throughout the district. Lin Wilson, a school board member, said. WFLA In Tampa, the whole thing is a disaster. “Our hands are tied. The fact is that you can’t enforce the mask policy. I know a lot of people wanted the mask policy. I think the real key was allowing the virtual option and we can’t do that.” Were

A. in Chicago Public Schools Mask mandate and 3 feet social distance principle.. By Wednesday, the district is required to vaccinate all school staff and teachers by October 15. District on Wednesday. Announced That will alleviate the need, as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also announced that she will relax the mandate to vaccinate all city workers. In both cases, low COVID-19 spread rates were cited. According to Chalk Beat, even when the district eases this requirement, only “15 percent of Chicago school district employees are vaccinated against the corona virus,” although officials said they have recently issued new vaccination cards. I’ve seen speed. ” Chicago Public Schools will continue to allow immunized employees to work after the deadline, but will have to take weekly PCR tests.

De Santas has. Double And its anti-masks, anti-public health positions, lawsuits and Penalty for school districts that refuse to allow bad politics and even worse for school safety policy.. Here’s an important reminder: De Santis has not only said that this is a choice parents should make – GOP “freedom” is an excuse for bad public policy. Against the use of masks as a meaningful tool in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Florida officials and the Republican Party have also spread misinformation across the board about vaccine efficacy and safety, and in doing so have promoted lower vaccination rates that would require a comfortable mask removal first.

But don’t worry, Polk County has air purifiers and is slowly using federal funding provided by the Democratic Party. “Desk shield” Do you know how easy it is to install with desk shields in K-5 classrooms? Mask

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