In a nutshell, a homeless man destroys an anti-vaccine woman’s speech in the United States.

A woman Anti-vaccine He was protesting on the streets of Los Angeles, California, USA, but a homeless man took three words to tear up his speech.

Anti-vaccine protesters say Kovid 19 virus is a hoax and decided to use the homeless man as an example. Show People who live on the streets also live without vaccines.

But when he started asking the question, “Do you see all these homeless people around? Have they died on the road from COVID? Not hell, why?” Heard the answer

With this answer, he broke the anti-vaccine argument.

Because I’ve been vaccinated, you idiot.

Homeless man on vaccine.

The woman paused for a moment, but then kept trying to persuade others not to get vaccinated.

It should be remembered that the main function of a vaccine against the virus is to help prevent infection as well as reduce the risk of death and serious illness.



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