In Aquana, junk taxis are taken out of circulation, and fined.

ACUÑA, COAH.- Directorate of Urban Transport and Mobility., At least out of circulation. Five vehicles The rent that Very poor service.

In this regard, its owner, Brigadier Ivan Moreno Carrera., He said that after being awarded one Two week extension Dealers to fix or replace them. VehiclesStarted with the operation, because there are still taxis. “Scrap” Rotating

“We are already applying violations to taxi dealers who did not comply with the second physical, mechanical and aesthetic review that began a month ago. Those who had to improve their vehicles were given a two-week extension.” Given and we found some that are still in very poor condition and providing service.

And is Vehicles with broken powder Or that flat They don’t bring them anymore., Trunks that no longer work., Like HeadlightsA With something Fallen doors And Seats are bad And the same with the endless things that turn them into junk.

“We must remember that these are the concessions given by the municipality to provide services to the citizens and what we want is to provide them in comfortable and standard units. We are imposing a fine of 400 paise, though Our policy is not united, we have to do it so that the service is better. ”


Author: Meczyki

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