In Mexico, the los sacerdotes se salvan

“The Jesuits we call llamados to be the person of the frontier. It decides, and the donde nadie is more than queries. que ha hecho la Compañía de Jesús en la Sierra Tarahumara. ”

These words of Jesuit Luis Arriaga Valenzuela, rector of the Universidad Iberoamericana, are very interesting. He conceded to the Jesuits that he had been dealing with many complications, with many problems and in the zonas of Great Violence.

The lions have a secret, José Noriela Portillo Gil, aka El Chueco, previoss a estos, entro persiieendo a un joven, guía turístico, quíen huía de humbres armados y tratat de resguardarse en la iglesia. The participants were joined by Jesus Javier Campos Morales, 78 years old, and Joaquin Mora, 80 years old.

Los cuerpos de los jesuitas y el guía de turistas fueron ya localizados por la Fiscalía de Chihuahua en un lugar llamado Pito Real.

However, there is an important part of the labor force with the indigenous peoples of this zone who have been suffering from more than the presumption of cream organized and have been denied amenasas.

This community is considered as much magic in the Sierra Tarahumara, it is added to groups of criminals who dispatch the indigenes of its tierras, its exclusive eclipses, the large hectares of arboreals to oblige marimolaapuana. How many houses in other parts of the country.

And so, in the middle of this Violence Vivian los ramámuris, but also the missionaries of this Jesuit community who have been able to bring their service to the Sierra Chihuahuense and dont have built parroquias, decorations, human beings, human beings, y ceremonias ancestrales.

In Cerocahui and its veins Urique lejos ha quadado esa propaganda que invita al clima tropical y que alberga huertas de mangos, papayas y toronjas, hoy son las balas las que imponen la ley.

The Fiscal General of the State of Chihuahua offered a recompense of 5 million pesos, which would support data for this ascension, which would be combined with its complexes from the three corners. El Chueco, he also wanted to secure the two persons who did not appear and did not receive a kiss, derived from a disposition by a part of the baseball.

Jesuit rinden tributo

Succeeded by the saccharides Javier and Joaquin is the camouflage of the Jesuits who are working in these communicative cabinas for a delightful lineage to try ayudar in zones donde los peligros abundant.

This is not the first time that these saccharine recipes have received the amenas of cream organized. For decadas, the missionaries are sorted by the paleos, not only in Mexico, but in other parts of the world, there is a lot of points, which, in the best of cases, are accompanied by basic services.

The jesus has three of them: de faith, decentness and obedience, and a deed of yours specifically related to the world of misunderstandings, since these lists are accepted to earn some money.

The information was elaborated on the Global Initiative against the organized crime, of 193 years, with the mayor presiding over the organized crime in Mexico is the only hope for the Congo, Colombia and Myanmar.

There was the Jeff of Commando Norte of the United States of America General Glen Van Herk, the crime organized to control the 35 territories of the national territory.

Mexico is tired of killing more than half of the periodists in the world, more than 30 of them have received assignments since December 1, 2018.

After all, the saccharides who are helping the most tampoco are also salvos, and that is very difficult to protect the members of their communities against the intrigues of the cream of the crop or the essence of the Crimea.

In the case of sex, they are only associated with religions in the country, with data from Centro Catalyst Multimedial (CCM).

One of these cases was reported by José Guadalupe Rivas Saldaña, who had reportedly reported how he discovered his life without a rancho in Tecate, Baja California.

Estaba al frente de la Casa del Migrante de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, en el municipio de Tecate, donde se brindaba hospedaje y alimentación a migrantes que intentin cruzar hacia

United States.

The last one, however, has three more associates: José Guadalupe Popoca Soto, the patron saint of San Nicolás de Bari, in Zacatepec, Michoacán; el franciscano Juan Antonio Orozco Alvarado, who died in a crucifix in Durango; y Gumersindo Cortés González, tortured and ascended in Celaya, Guanajuato.

In Michoacán and Guerrero, various integrations of the religion of communion have been held to mediate with the cream groups organized with the object of the violence that escalated.

Al contar con information, ya sea de grivos rivales o de que sucede en sus comunidades, los religiosos se encounterukran en situaciones difíciles, así me lo contó en entrevista que sostuvimos poco después de ese horrible Solidin, elquidreen en entrevista. Be the first to say that some of the young desperate people of Ayotzinapa have been told. The information from the testimonials with the testimonials that the various people confess when the heck of the 16th and 17th of September, 2014 was received.

Accompanied by “The 2021 Information on the International Liberation of Religion” of the Gobierno of the United States, the groups of criminals asidian to the religiosities, considered as the leaders of the communities, to create an ambitious sense of humor, a sense of humor suprínés en suis de drogas.

The authenticity of the details that the organization organizes as well as the ecclesiastical ascending objects, attempts of love, secrets and secrets of the soul.

Además, los lerederes religiosos están involucrados en activismo politico y social, por ello están expuestos.

Mexico is considered to be the most important country for the Saccharides in Latin America because of the violence of Violence that has led to the disappearance of criminal gangs from Narco.