In pictures: Revelers enjoy Glastonbury Festival for the second day

Glastonbury will be rocking vocals from Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar this weekend, but it was the laughter that filled the air as the sun shines on day two of the famous festival.

Avelers, who had been warned that blue skies could soon be replaced by storm clouds, attended a laughter yoga workshop on Thursday morning at Healing Fields at Worthy Farms in Somerset.

It comes as co-organizer Emily Iwis, who thanked the festival for their commitment to participating, said she thinks “the best people in the world come here”.


Participants in a laughter yoga workshop at the Healing Field during the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farms in Somerset (UE Mok/PA)


Laughter yoga involves prolonged voluntary laughter (ui mok/pa)

As people continued to arrive for the concert, including trains disrupted by another strike, some found that the sun was a bit hot, swapping their summer gear for birthday suits.


From left: Becky Moriarty, Jared Hill and Rory Leighton at Paddington station in London, en route to Glastonbury (Ashley Ruggles/PA)

Others substituted their tops for strategically placed unicorns, duckweeds and petals.

The more modest still managed to dazzle in an array of fancy head-dressings.


Some of the fun-lovers wore fancy head-dressing to celebrate the return of Glastonbury (Eui Mok/PA)

video of the day


Kent to Dawn Away (Eui Mok/PA)

Many were enjoying the nice weather while they could.

A weather forecaster said thunderstorms were likely over much of southern England on Thursday afternoon.


The sun was setting Thursday morning (Eui Mok/PA)

That means punters may be forced to swap out their sun cream for umbrellas, as the weather turns from “wall-to-wall sunshine” and higher temperatures, as described by “heavy thunderstorms” on Thursday morning. with rain”.


Festival-goers walk past a Michael Avis sign (Eui Mok/PA)


Laughter yoga is based on the idea that it provides physical and psychological benefits similar to spontaneous laughter (ui mok/pa).

By the end of the weekend, we can see some traditional scenes of those having fun in the wells walking through the mud, with light rain predicted on Friday and Saturday, followed by more heavy rain on Sunday.


As expected, revelers may be forced to take shelter when storm clouds gather (Eui Mok/PA)

Former Beatles star Sir Paul will become the oldest solo headliner when he performs on Saturday, a week after his 80th birthday, while 20-year-old Bad Guys singer Eilish will be the youngest when he takes the stage on Friday night.