In September auditors of Tx schools

Austin– From this school, the public schools of Texas are equipped with inspections to detect points of accuracy and secrecy in the school of Uvalde, but a large number of security measures are protected. .

The Center for Security Schools in Texas plans to increase the number of specialties this septimer, with its derivatives, with the objective of 100% inspection of 100% of the distinguished schools. .

The new “auditors of the detectives intruders” part of a directive dictated by Gov. Greg Abbott to guarantee that the edifices of the school are constantly ascertaining the tirotos of the tirotos.

“Personally visit the campus to find the dubious points and the speed with which you can penetrate the specifications without being detected” Generio de la Centro de securidad escolar que de la generio de la generio de la generio de seguridad. The auditors in practice.

In a reunion trimester at the end of the month, Kathy Martínez-Prather, Executive Director of the Center, gave a presentation to a group of security educators, a group of representative representatives, educators and security officials, . de intrusos “potentially traumatic.

“(Será como) tú y yo saliendo, como lo haría un padre normal, y asegurándonos de que los distritos escolares mantengan alejadas las amenazas externas”, dijo

Martínez-Prather also told the junta that the center alerted the local police or the central administration when the plane audited a campus, but said that the school’s campus was not aware that the auditor was realizing it.

Disputes that Abbott sent the card in the ordinance that the center realizes controllers, the defenders of education and the legislators express their precautionary measures against the no-nonsense attempts to find uncontrollable information.

Clay Robison, seeing the Association of Masters of the State of Texas, wonders if a person realizes the similarities without the prevailing curiosity to be the same at alphabetically on the campus as they are Really, the embedded schools teach other people port armaments in installations.

Pero Martínez-Prather said that the distracted students have realized this is the type of auditors before using the descents for the center of security and that “we have a situation in all our countries”.

Without embarking, some defenders of education did not establish conveniences.

“There are a lot of ways to understand the security procedures that are intrusive and pervasive,” said Portia Bosse, Director of Public Accounts for TSTA, in June. “This is just a continuation of the distorted fragmentation of the Uvalde and the verbal disarmament of the Arms Control in Texas.”

The representative of the state of Diego Bernal, advocating for San Antonio, officially expressed his preconceptions with the idea of ​​ordering “adults to present the schools without prevailing and treat them with all their encounters”.

“I don’t believe that Nadie is here with the hacker that we were able to do because the schools are more important, but the context is important”, said the Jew.

Bernal se sialó that the auditorís feel like they are in a state of activism, a sense of the fact that it exists among the students and masters. We have children – before the incarceration includes the most levies from the armpits of the control of the arms “.

Shannon Holmes, Executive Director of the Association of Professional Educators of Texas, continues to express her concern that the locations on campus are not superior to the auditors.

“This is a recap for an accident if there is no coordination between the local campus ISD and who is realizing the auditor,” said Holmes.

In the last legislative session, the legislators approve of a law that prohibits the distorted schools from realizing the simulators of the activators that appear at the United Nations and indicates that all medical conditions are guaranteed. A report from the Center for Security Scholars says that auditors are “independent of this and are concerned about the lack of access to control methods”.

Martínez-Prather told The Texas Tribune that the center plane was developing its capacitance to mediate its desirability evaluations. Ella dijo que el estado ya autorizó $ 7 million para ayudar a contar a siete miembros del personal a quienes el centro capacitará para realizar estas auditorías en todo el estado.

The center also excels in the process of auditing the antecedents of the high school. In a card to the distracted schools, the center of security that the schools tend to have the opportunity to solve any problem that is discovered by the auditor.

Acknowledging the security auditors, Abbott suggested that the Center for the Revision of Security Schools in all Texas Public Schools.