In the central region of Coahuila, 80% of the population is vaccinated against Covid-19

MONCLOVA, COAH.- 80% of the population in Central Coahuila Region is already vaccinated against Covid-19 he claimed Faustino Aguilar Arocha, Head of Fourth health jurisdiction.

They are close 300 thousand people living in this area of ​​the entity, by them 70% have both doses of the virus vaccine, while 80% have at least the first dose (in its various laboratories).

The doctor explained that thanks to this infections of this disease Has decreased considerably, because having had more than one hundred positive cases daily, between 12 to 17 cases are confirmed by State plan for prevention and control of covid-19.

“We are always aware of all this, which can be seen in the reports from the whole state, the number of infected is reflected, the same in the hospital where we have 10 while they are like this, we have a good parameter and a good sign.”

Fortunately vaccination for minors 15 to 17 years, so there will be even more vaccinated in the short term.

The doctor urged population not yet vaccinated to benefit from vaccination campaigns such as the federal government implemented in the city to be protected against this virus, otherwise they could suffer from an infection and to have severe symptoms which can lead to their death.

Expressed it the pandemic continues and to preventive measures among them the essentials that are wear a mask and keep a healthy distance.


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