In the western United States, a CE forest fire engulfed homes

Indian Falls, California. Flames running through rugged terrain In Northern California As the state’s largest forest fire intensified, more homes were destroyed and several other blazes hit the American West.

The Dexi Fire, which started on July 14, erupted after dark with a small group of Indian Falls already leveling more than a dozen houses and other structures.

The latest damage estimate was not immediately available, although fire officials said the fire had gained more than 181,000 acres (73,200 hectares) in Palmas and Butt counties and contained 20 percent. ۔

Fire officials say the blaze was burning with limited access to a remote area, hampering firefighters’ efforts as it charged eastward. He has ordered evacuations in several small communities and along the west shore of Lake Al-Manawar to acquire a popular area.

Meanwhile, the country’s largest forest fire, South Oregon bootleg fireFire officials said more than 2,200 crew members worked to block the heat and wind as it was surrounded halfway through Saturday. The blaze has spread, but thousands of homes are at risk, officials said.

In California, dynamic flames reach Highway 70
In California, dynamic flames reach Highway 70.
Ty O’Neill / Supa Images / Sepa America
Dozens of houses have been destroyed in the fire.
Dozens of houses have been destroyed in the fire.
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A report from the Oregon Forest Department said, “This fire is resistant to stopping on dozer lines.” “With the severe dry weather and fuel we are facing, firefighters have to constantly review their control lines and look for emergency options.”

In California, Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for four northern counties due to wildfires, which he said are “extremely dangerous for the safety of individuals and property.” The announcement paved the way for further support for the state.

Such conditions are often caused by a combination of unusually random, short-term and natural climatic patterns due to long-term, human-caused climate change. Global warming has made the West warmer and faster over the last 30 years.

On Saturday, firefighters from California and Utah went to Montana, Gorg Gyanfort announced. Five firefighters were injured on Thursday when they were set on fire by strong winds blowing at Devil’s Creek near a rural Jordanian town in the northeastern part of the state.

He was admitted to the hospital on Friday. Bureau of Land Management spokesman Mark Jacobson declined to comment on his injuries, and attempts to determine his whereabouts failed on Saturday. Three of the firefighters are U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel from North Dakota, and the other two are U.S. Forest Service firefighters from New Mexico.

Another high-priority fire at Alderick Creek in southwestern Montana burned more than 6,800 acres (2,750 hectares) and accounted for 10 percent of Saturday night’s fires. About 240 homes were at risk.

Firefighters are seen putting out fires on Highway 70 in California.
Firefighters are seen putting out fires on Highway 70 in California.
Tie O’Neill / Supa Images / Sepa America

Elsewhere in California, south of Lake Timok, Temark continued to burn with wood and chapels, and California. Communities on both sides of the Nevada State Line were at risk. A lightning fire on July 4 in Alpine County destroyed at least 10 buildings.

The smoke and dicky fires that engulfed the fire reduced visibility and sometimes the ground plane provided firefighting assistance. Air quality It deteriorated to an unhealthy level south of Lake Tahoe and across the state line in Nevada.

In California, trees are seen engulfed in flames on a ducky fire.
In California, trees are seen engulfed in flames on a ducky fire.
Tie O’Neill / Supa Images / Sepa America

In central Washington, firefighters battled two blazes in Okanagan County that threatened hundreds of homes and again caused hazardous air quality on Saturday. And in northern Idaho, east of Spokane, Washington, a small fire near Silverwood Theme Park evacuated the park and surrounding area Friday evening. The theme park reopened on Saturday with half the fire.

Although strong winds in the afternoon pose a constant threat to the spread of cats, the weekend forecast also called for the possibility of scattered thunderstorms in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and other states. Has gone However, forecasters said there could be some dry storms with very little rain but a lot of lightning, which could ignite new fires.

More than 85 large forest fires were raging across the country, mostly in the western states, and burned 1.4 million acres (2,135 square miles, or more than 553,000 hectares).


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