In this way, it has defended itself against allegations of illegal enrichment – El Financiro.

Nineteen Gomez Mont. Wanted by General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR), due to a. Arrest warrant She was charged with embezzlement with her husband, operating with resources of illegal origin and her alleged responsibility in organized crime. Victor Manuel Alvarez Paga..

However, the television host. Insists on his innocence. This Thursday, he reappeared on his social networks and reassured. Feels “very afraid that these abuses will continue”. Presumably, the crimes for which she is being investigated will be linked to her husband’s court file.

The driver has been missing from social networks since arrest warrants were issued against her and her husband. In addition, he disabled comments on his Instagram account, which he later reactivated, but. How have you defended yourself since your accusation was made? We tell you

Nineteen Gomez Mont. And her husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez Poga, He was charged with embezzlement, organized crime, and illegal activities with resources, amounting to 3 billion pesos (approximately 150 150 million), for which an arrest warrant was issued.

On September 11, through her Instagram account, Anis Gomez Mont revealed that neither she nor her husband Access to arrest warrant Nor for the evidence that supports it. In addition, he thanked the relatives for their support.

On September 28, he returned to testify against the charges against him. “I have been silent for a few days so that I can understand the facts attributed to me and focus on my defense. Despite not having access to the file, I want to emphasize. “I am innocent and I have done nothing wrong.” Explained on his Instagram account.

“I am also well aware of the fears that have been gleaned from this statement by the authorities in charge of my case. They are even angrier against me Because I have been warned of further lawsuits against me. But I can’t keep quiet anymore, “he said on the social network.

In a new message on October 14, the TV host insisted on his innocence. She said the charges against her “show the cruelty of blasphemy that my husband (Victor Alvarez Poga) and I are objecting to.”

“As I expected from a previous statement, I have been informed that the authorities are requesting a further arrest warrant against me. Have made a final agreement with, “he wrote on Instagram.

“These abuses are in addition to the news published in the press yesterday and Wednesday morning, which shows the persecution of unbelievers, which my husband and I object to. Highlighted

As these crimes are classified as serious, they deserve precautionary detention, which is why the FGR has issued two red tokens from Interpol for the search and arrest of Gomez Mont and her husband. Will request


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