Incorporated families

The Office of the Fiscal District of Florida informs you that one day that Adalberto Fructuoso will compare Rodríguez, exalted by Aguilar and presumably from his Cartel Unidos, your first audience in the Corte trace of extradited Guatemala, Luego haber sido acusado en 2021 por unran gran jurado de haber tarafikado 500 kil de metanfetaminas a Estados Unidos. Junto with ál serán puestas en el banquillo de los acusados ​​otras cinco personas, incluido su hijo Fructuoso Comparán Bedolla. The juicio abrirá la puerta a details of the penetration of the narcotic narrative in Michoacán, which has salvaged the important cuisine of Morena from more than one decadda, and toca de manera incomodamente cercana al actual alrezoláfredor.

Ramírez Bedolla has minimized what he likes in Florida. This is an advanced theme, declaring the lunes, explicitly with logical absences from its descriptions. Dijo, for example, that the tema surgeon of the PRD’s desperation, because consider Rodríguez was alkaline of Aguililla for such a part, and that, in the fond, was a mechanism of his antecedent, Silvano Aureoles. He is an ignoramus or he is a mentor, for example, if he falls asleep. There is no investigation to see who is the PRD, not to mention los fiscales in the functioning of partidistas coyunturales. Pensarlo seriamente sería una tantería.

But the alguna manera se entiende. Consider Rodríguez, who was identified as the leader Cartel Unidosque luchan contra el Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación For the control of the Tierra Caliente michoacana, there was a problem with her Anabel Bedolla, and Comparán Bedolla is her first woman. The goblins say that they have nothing to do with their criminals, their numbers do not appear in public hearings, nor do they communicate on the extradition of Comparán Rodríguez. But the juvenile will be the one who determines if all salpicados are in other states of the state.

Michoacán, not hay que olvidar, is a false prophetic state in narcopolitics.

Ramírez Bedolla displays the defense against the PRD, which was militant at the same time that it was alkaline, leaving the haberdasher in the midst of the autocracies in Michoacán, which established the deity. todavía pertenecían al Cártel de Sinaloa y eran the responsables to get rid of the precursors of the metanethylene of Manzanillo and Jalisco, preferring the tierra caliente michoacana. But the goblin or the so-called henchmen deliberately omiso.

Compare Rodríguez fue alcalde de 2008 to 2011, and his mandate coincided with that of Gov. Leonel Godoy, who had such entities in the PRD. In 2009, alkalde and other new presidents of municipalities, Junto with 16 functions of Godboy goblin, fueron detenidos for the Ejercito and the Federal Policy for the present La Familia Mikokana. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with the proclamation of Eduardo Medina Mora not judging the telephones in between the detentions and the narcissists, but because the old mother of the case has been released. The first prince, just in time, was a victim of Julio César Godoy Toscano, deputy to the PRD, with Servant Gómez Martínez, لا توتاuno de los jefes de La Familia mycocana, Do you want to hear the camaraderie and the pettiness to avoid the criminal organization with its mediocre hermeneutic, the godown of God.

Godoy Toscano, who was established in favor of a secret that led him to the secret of Gobernación, Fernando Gómez Mont, the gobernador, desperate and not at all the same. La Familia Mikokana se transformó años después en Los Caballeros Templarios, Organized by a group of vincularon to the head of Governor Bedolla.

Politico michoacanos organized with the cream of the crop has been floating in the air since the first lustro of this season, when the entourage of Gov. The secret behind the slogan “Guerra contras drugs”, which has been used by the federal government to attack the expatriate and justify the violence that has doubled over President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ramirez Bedolla has been trying to persuade the president to relate to the president. “Nosotros estamos protegidos”, dejo recientemente el gobernador. “Nos protege nuestra integridad, noestra honestidad a toda prueba”. The acts of narcissism and honesty are the marca of the regiment, but do not solve the problems of the fund, which will increase its proficiency in the courtesy of Miami, with the retreat of the región.

See the impulses, on the other side of the dungeons, Alfonso Rustrián, the entrepreneur in Cali, Colombia, on the other side of the aisle, with a person who created the dinosaur and presented it as a narcissist. In this reunion the administration of the kilograms of methamphetamine measures, the movement of a terrestrial canal that part of Mexico, cruised the United States of Texas and entered Miami. But as soon as we enter the first cargo in March 2021, we have no plans to distribute the drug in the mercado estadounidense.

But the tuberculosis of methamphetamines that is not in Michoacán should not be allowed to compare Rodríguez without a red institute that would allow him to trade Cartel Unidos without breaking the ice and ataques del Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, que ha buscado quedarse con la la Tierra Caliente michoacana. To return to the city, President Andrés Manuel López’s visit to Evército was announced. At the same time there were public denunciations about the apocalypse that led to the defeat of the organization. Mancho, Nemesio Oseguera. The accusations do not fade away, but in the heels, el Jalisco Neva Generation fue contenido, mientras Cartel UnidosWhich has two capacities of its adversaries, reagrups and adds to drug trafficking.