Incorporated Mexican T-MEC revision – Meczyki

The states are preparing to intensify their queues The favorable energies of politicized states of Mexico violan el Commercial free treatment de las nacionesDijeron personas familiarizadas con el asunto, una medida que podría exacerbar las tensiones entre los gobiernos de los países.

The Office of the United States Representative of the United States, Katherine Tai has been working on the latest seasons in a formal consultation process in Acuerdo between EU, Mexico and Canada. and disclaimer with other agencies, including people, that could not be identified without permission to report in public. The moment the solicitation is not determining, dijeron las personas.

In addition to the T-MEC regulation, it is recommended to visit Mexico within 30 days to accept the program consultations. If you look for 75 days, you will not find a The states should be able to negotiate a formal panel of arguments from the two countries. If this process were to take place in the future, Mexico would accept corrective actions, prolonging the conflicts. The ultimate instance could be that the EU imposes a number of punctuation marks on the imports of Mexico. en el pacto commerce de dos años.

The USTR official did not comment. A report from Casa Blanca has no immediate comments.

An escalada ahora can carry the ries of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, before a planned visit to Washington in the next few days, wished to receive the invitation of President Joe Biden to the Cumbre regional of the Americas and the Los Angeles principals.

López Obrador, popularly known as AMLO, provided the state’s richest man in the petrochemical of Tabasco and is a ferocious defender of the crude and electric empires. The visit to the Casa Blanca from two seasons later, the same day that López observed that he did not assist the cumbre Los Angeles because Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were excluded for motivating democracy and human rights.

The cooperative Mexico also has a claw to abort an aumento in the migration indocumented que es una vulnerabilidad politica para biden de cara a las elecciones intermedias en novimber.

López Obrador and the energy reform of 2014

López Obrador is critical since he gave a lot of time to his promotions to his predecessor in 2013-2014 so that he can finish the national decadence of energy. From the last cargo to 2018, has worked to develop the Mexican state of petroleum and gas petroleum products, concoida like PemexOr the electric CFE in its anticipatory media adoption of the adoption of politicians who perceive the private sector participants in the industry.

The USCA commercial, mainly based on the Mexican antelope but finally accepted by López Obrador, Seek to protect the privileged inversionists against a reversal of the energy industry.

From the reputable queues of legislators, Tai advirti in a card de Marzo to his Mexican homóloga, the Ministry of Economy Tatiana Clouthier, about las Preparations of United States units that violate the fundamentals of T-MEC.

EU energy empires continue to infiltrate an arbitral tribunal in Mexico, With more than 10 million dollars in the development of the United States in the country near the island, great part of renewable energy, dijo Tai.

There are indications that it was considered to have all available options available to the USMCA to order precautionary measures.