Incredidumbre sobre las perspectivas de las tasas sigue alta – Meczyki

In the past, the English bank simply defined the expectation of altruism as maintaining politics without camouflage, without embargo, on the perspective of the perspectives of the sissy siendo alta, meaning that the sasas would be more Applied in the market, with a mayor volatility.

The mi سیلrcoles cell a new result of the index of the Consumer (IPC) of the United States, pronesta an increment of 0.5 per cent in October, an increase of 0.4 per cent in the septum, meticulously. The mercado SE maintains anti-indications to see if any of the precautions is fugaz, deriving the temporary effects of mediation that the economy emerges from the pandemic, or indicates a new trend of induction.

The ultimate reunion of the Federal Reserve has led to the creation of a high-impact transitor, even recognizing that the deficiencies of the Global SE are similar to those of inflation.

For the first time, the European quarterly news of the first quarter included the financiers Allianz, Aviva and Zurich Insurance, the pharmaceutical Merck and AstraZeneca and the Siderúrgica Arcelor Mittal.

The expectations of the third quarter beneficiaries have been dispelled by the 57.2 per cent interaction since the 47.6 per cent of the two seasons; Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The midwife perceived the posterior recuperation of COVID-19 and the rendering of the bonuses reales negativus ayudan to explicitly resist the mercado of valors. ¿Pero cuánto puede durar la fiesta? From the beginning of the year, it was hoped that the recapitation of the augmentation of COVID-19 would begin in 2020, starting in 2022.

The politics of commodity development in the world has impelled an enormous demand for consumer goods, impelling the commercial repercussions of this. The emergence of emerging economies, since first material has semiconductors, has been dispelled. It produces excise and precision products.

The economists predict that the posterior normalization of COVID will allow the occasional consumers of food and beverages and more in vans and cans. This will allow us to add inventions and make the best business of 2022.

The data will continue to show that energy exports to China are declining due to exports and if there is an economy that is developing it is affecting imports.

One of the reasons why the United States of America has released its deficit commercial and new records, because the data of the Martians will be very observant of the fact that the volleyballs of the past are already in their hands.

It was hoped that a reunion of the partisan Communist Party of China and Beijing would approve a historic resolution, sent to the bases for President Xi to complete a third mandate without precedents. The first resolution of this type, in 1945, was sent to the bases to convince Mao Zedong to be the supreme leader, as in the second, in 1981, the bases were sent to reform the era of Deng Xiaoping.


The lunes have a reunion of the Eurogroup. From the time of its completion the situation was 10 points higher than the debit of the expectants was a + 2.6 per cent.

The sale of the precise index of the producer (PPI) of the United States in October. + 8.7 por ciento a / a es el consenso. + 8.6 for feeling a / a fue la anterior lectura. Send the information about the products of WASDE to the USDA.

The mi ,rcoles, the IPP of China continental debería ser de + 12.0 por ciento interanual en oktubre. The publication of the precise index of the Consumer (IPC) of the EU has shown an increase of + 0.5 per cent m / m in the tariffs for October, expecting an increase of + 0.4 per cent in September. Newly, it is incrementally more.

The game is the day of the veterans of the EU.

Elsewhere, the feeling of the University of Michigan for November sale 71.7 percent of the time in October. Publish the vacancies data of US JOLTS. The Baker-Hughes Platform for Public Discussions is published.

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