INE calls people who turn 18.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is inviting all Chihuahuas who have reached the age of 18 to apply for registration in the Electoral Register.

Raman Salzar Burgos, a member of the state’s local executive board’s Federal Register of Voters, reports that the agency’s 24 civic attention modules are open to those who have reached the age of majority and are seeking their first. Want. Certificate of vote

To date, he pointed out, 113,281 people between the ages of 18 and 19 are registered in the Chihuahua State Electoral Register. Similarly, 109,136 youths are part of the nominated list.


Salzar Burgos said young people should come with their birth certificate, photo ID and proof of current address, in fact, to perform the procedure, get their official identity and vote for the next election. Participate in citizen participation

To go to the scheduled modules, it is necessary to schedule an appointment over the phone (800) 433-2000 or through the system available on the Internet page


Traveling modules are open Monday through Friday between 08:00 and 16:00, during their visit to key towns in the company’s 67 municipalities.

The member said that health protocols such as cleaning and cleaning of spaces and equipment, regular use of face masks, temperature reading, application of antibacterial gel and healthy distance measures are implemented in the modules, besides the company. Repeat Recommendation to Avoid Covid 19 Infections

Schedule your appointment.

• Phone: (800) 433-2000.

• Internet:

[email protected]


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