Infantry in El Salto deja 13 deaths

The number of deaths derived from the infantry that has been registered at the Mesopotamian Church in El Salto, Jalisco, has risen to 13, due to the fact that the Fiscal General of the State discovered the embryo in its shell. de la cuerpoden. and there are references to the delinquents.

Additionally it was reported that an additional provocation was made indirectly by the infantryman, or that an element of the Municipal Policy of Zapotlanejo was killed in an accident on the patrol and that the trawler had lost its heels for help.

For the sake of, Gov. Enrique Alfaro informed that during the days of the Violence of Miércoles fueron abatidos ocho delincuentes, I felt that many elements of the Municipal Policía de El Salto perfected the life in their sums.

In its Twitter account, the mandate expresses its commitment to the policies involved in the operative, as in the case of the Fiscal State or the Fuerzas Armadas for its work to defeat the delicate group.

Also compliant to help the families of the municipalities of the country in their compliments.

There was a theme that pushed the reckoning capacity; fue de verdad very fast la manera como mataron a los policías, fue verdaderamente terrible, cobarde

Enrique Alfaro, Gobernador de Jalisco

For the second time, in the conferences of the princes, insisting on reconciling the unifying forces and declaring:

The mandatorio expires: “There is a theme that sums up the capacity of reckoning; There was a lot of speed in the manera as well as the politics, there was really terrible, cowardice and, at this moment, there was something that really happened to quench the thirst for our citizens ”.

He added: “I agree with all the elements for the maneuver in the fact that they act in a doloroso, the first of many elements, but also the mustache of the state of the reckoning of the state policy, the political policy of the municipal council The National Guard, an important operative, because the message is that there is nothing that will happen in these days. ”

In his support, the fiscal official, Luis Joaquín Méndez, informs us that the invaluable correspondence encountered the United Nations hombre desmembrado, because the number of victims is insignificant.

Explain the fact that the municipal council of El Salto received a report about the armada that met the people of a colony of San Lorenzo.

As a response, two patrols accudieron verify the hechos; al ubicar la casa, dos uniformados tocaron la puerta, una mujer abrió y varios sujetos tratron de jalar a los elementos del orden hacia adentro, por que que comenzó el tiroteo. When it comes to references, many municipalities have died.

The infantry provoked panic among the inhabitants of El Salto, especially at the San Lorenzo colony, where they died in torches at a house of security near the village of Medellin Orizmíngue de Jose.

In the messages of the sociable redheads who reflected the ponytail that suffocated the pobladores of this lugar, the quails guarded in their cases by teasing them to be a child.

There are many compartments that will allow you to avoid many detonations and estrogens and recommend to your followers not to salvage the calle ni asomarse por las ventanas, pues no se sabía precisely in the depths of vinolos.

  • The data: An element of the Municipal Policy of Zapotlanejo gave life to the accidental patrol in the city to help one another fight against the delinquents in El Salto.