Inflation, taxable and in extras: up to 7.05%

The annual inflation rate in Mexico was 7.05 per cent in the first quintet of November, the highest since the first mid-April 2001, with a total of 17 quintiles per year. This tendency is caused by preoccupation with specialists, but President Andrés Manuel López Obrador deestimates the level at which he increased the prices, but found that he was at a maximum level in 20 years and stated that he was stabilizing.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) informs that consumer prices will register an increase of 0.69 per cent in the first quarter of November 2021, the mayor for a different period in four depressions, from November 2017, year of the so-called “gasolinazo”, and at the close of 0.50 per cent hoped for by analysts.

Refirió that the quincenal inflation was a result of the electricity by the conclusion of the subsidy to the electricity tariff program of verano, as well as the alza in agricultural products such as green tomatoes, pollen and jitomate, especially premium of the LP gasoline Magna.

With this, the annual inflation rate accelerates from 6.36 per cent in the second quarter of October to 7.05 per cent in the first quarter of November, the mayor since the second quarter of April 2001 and per quarter 17 objects 17 objects.

Som, result av result of 6.84 per tenth estimated by the market for the first quince of November 2021 and sum of 17 quincas by object rank of the Bank of Mexico, of 3.0 per cent, one month / punks.

President López Obrador points out that annual inflation was at a maximum level in 20 years in the first quintet of November and explained that the behavior of obese women has a global phenomenon, which is why it manifests itself in all countries.

“We have inflation equal to the United States, by general the inflation of Mexico is superior to the United States, in this case it is equal, they train an inflation rate of six per cent, Brazil treats inflation 11 per cent, is a phenomenon that is affecting ”, agreed at the morning conference at Palacio Nacional.

The Executive Executive’s Confidence that immediately addresses the issue of inflation, “has seen the increase in the price of premium materials, food, the increase in the price of the stock, has greatly impacted the increase in maritime transport costs , se han elevado ”.

As far as Mexico is concerned, it is important to stabilize the prices for it, it is important to pay attention to the Electricity Reform so that we do not lose electricity.

Notwithstanding, the Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Jonathan Heath, qualifies as the occupier of the tray sector in addition to having mastered the general inflation in the country.

“Inflation from the first quintet of November to 7.05 per cent, the most elevated in 20 years, but toda in a clear trayectoria alza. Preocupante ”, describes the integrated Junta de Gobierno del Banxico en su cuenta on Twitter.

BBVA Mexico estimates that inflation will close this year at 7.2 per cent, while it will start to decline in the second quarter of 2022, as “it has not been controlled”, meaning that there is a global gap with the Covid19 pandemic.

The economist Jefe of BBVA Mexico, Carlos Serrano Herrera, explained that the inflation rate is not an exclusive phenomenon of Mexico, meaning that it is found all over the world, as in the United States, United Kingdom of Europe, with its taxpayer, superior to 6 per cent.

This is due to the factors associated with the pandemic, “as its offer, we do not have any structural data where there is an excessive demand that can lower inflation expectations”, aggregate in a video conference on the “Bancación Banca” information, of.

It is estimated that inflation will rise to 7.2 or 7.3 by the end of this year, in order to start bidding in the second quarter of 2022, “we do not believe that inflation will be uncontrolled or unforeseen expectations”.

Exactly that, if inflation were to fall more than in December, it would start in the second quarter of 2022, due to the fact that the cycle saw a decline in all interest rates on the part of the Bank of Mexico.

Considering that the index of the Price Index is treated by a global phenomenon, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ensures that in Mexico it is logically stabilizing the prices and in order to increase the minimum wage.

“Yes, it’s a global phenomenon, there’s a crisis now that there’s a pandemic that is manifesting itself in all countries.

“I hope it will be resolved soon. It has to do with the increase in the price of raw materials, food, the increase in the price of land; has greatly increased the increment in maritime transport costs, he raised ”, aseveró.

During the morning conference, López Obrador signaled that in Mexico the prices could be stabilized and, therefore, it would be important for the Electricity Reform to take place in order not to increase the prices of electricity.

“We have equal inflation to the United States, by general the relationship between Mexico is superior to the United States, in this case equal, there is more than six per cent; Brazil has an inflation rate of 11 per cent, ”said the President of Mexico.

In this way, at the morning conference, the President will be asked to review his salary. As far as I am concerned, “because the salary is not affected, it is used to engage the people. The corrupt and inefficient technocrats have been talking for more than 30 years about not increasing wages because inflation is rising and so it is false, so we have the minimum wage in Mexico that is equal to the month of inflation ”.

The head of the Federal Executive informs that in the case of his Governor, the minimum wage has increased by 50 per cent in real terms and in the front has doubled; the last increment is recorded by consensus, but in this year the business sector is divided.

“Also, the previous two, in the first years of our Government, there will be a consensus to increase the salary. This year has been the most open to the public sector and the public sector, not accepting the Chamber of Deputies, which has only employees who are in favor of increasing wages, but has a differentiated vote on the interior of the organizations not apcider; now there is hope that consensus will be reached, but we will hope to do so ”, he added.

López Obrador refiried that the percentage of salary increases defined by the Secretariat of Labor and the Tripartite Commission of Workers, Employers and Governors that form part of the National Commission on Minimum Wages.

“Yes, and I agree with you that you keep the salary because it is for the souls, to pay, to repeat, by increment, for about 50 years, as only 30 years ago, in front of us we will double “I’m not happy, I’m sorry, I’m tired of being insane and I have a bad courage and I’ve been regretting our politics,” the president said.

Recorded that Mexico’s minimum wage was the lowest in the world, López Obrador recused himself, including including lowering inflation.

“Clearly, if we can increase the minimum wage, in a disproportionate manner, we will recover everything that is lost by a single wave of everything that we lose in 30 years, so there is instability, but we do not recover in the gain. salary, then only is it a matter of justice, it will force our power to acquire, the capacity to consume, to help the internal market ”, consider the mandate.

Insisting that this situation befalls neoliberals and their masters, that they dedicate themselves to sacking and always with the excuse that if they increase wages they will create inflation engaging the people.

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