INM agents aborted Haitian wife after beating her.

TUXTLA GUTIÉRREZ, Chis.- A Haitian refugee today condemned that agent National Institute for Migration (INM) He had his wife aborted after being beaten at a checkpoint in Frontier Komalapa.

At a press conference, Adeline Morning. He stated that on September 11, he left Tapachola for the city, but passed through Frontier Komalapa, where INM agents unloaded all Haitians in a truck.

Some were allowed to return to the unit, but when he and his wife tried to do so, they were stopped and beaten because they refused to be detained.

In struggle Adilans Moringa was hit with an agent’s key and had a tooth thrown at him, while his wife was thrown to the ground and injured so badly that she was admitted to a hospital in Comiton, where she lost six of her products. – Monthly pregnancy

He also indicated that, after the attack, Her daughter suffers from unsatisfactory psychological consequences and has nightmares. According to Moringa, at first he tried not to make public what had happened to him, but about a month after the events and with the evidence of what happened, he decided to break the silence.

He pointed out that not all INM agents resort to violence, but especially those who were at a checkpoint with National Guard agents in Frontier Komalpa were violent against him and his wife.

“I don’t know why the people of Haiti are treated this way, if we come in peace.” He lamented that he did not come to fight in Mexico and that, like all citizens of that country, he should abide by Mexican laws. He further said that migration is not a crime in this country, migration is a right.

He explained that he came from a country where there is insecurity and violence, with extreme poverty, which has been devastated by the earthquake, the assassination of its president and the hurricane. And they did not come to Mexico with sports weapons or knives, but with the courage to work and raise their families.

Moringa pointed out that her Haitian brothers elected her community leader on the southern border, but not in violation of Mexican law, but to fight peacefully for migration and a better standard of living.

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INM suspended the agent.

Following the public outcry from Adeline Morange, Tonight, the INM said it condemns any action that violates human rights and the dignity of people in transit through the national territory. And he said this. “He immediately suspended the Federal Migration Agent (AFM) who was seen in a video broadcast by the media in which he attacked a refugee woman.”. And, derived from it, the INM’s Internal Control Body (OIC) was looked at, as well National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) For related effects


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