Inseguridad, el tiempo se agota

The big problem is that there is an outbreak of goblins and in particular the President is that there is no security in this regard due to sustenance, as there are tenacious tangibles of things that are changing the state of affairs.

The lame and deplorable ascension of the Jesuit Jesuits confirms that something goes wrong without the hackers, but there is a great deal of mediation given that there are no diagnoses and strategies precisely for infrequent situations like las huvidas.

The responsiveness of the dead of love that was persisting from the year 2018, this is what we want to say that we have passed away without being able to keep it, knowing its very new paleness and fluency. The 5 mdp to reconsider the information about the present ascendant reflects the desperation and the problem that has arisen before a great religious association in Mexico and in the world.

The idea of ​​empowering the perception that it perceives the battalion in security, the time that it perceives the potential of manipulation and confession in this material. In the two years and months that the present administration does not appreciate that there is a time and space for them to give us a giro that allows us to imagine the men who are revealing or the men who are attending besoestosamos c.

On the other hand, communities are living apart from their selves. The redoubts show men how to integrate the cartilages from the maneuvers into the calculus in many of the communicative acts that are, at the same time, the propagation of power and the propagating character.

In the case of the Jesuits, the ascendants did not enter into a rebellion with the pasado, because the succido represented a situation that had to be contemplated and analyzed at the time of the debit and actuated debates.

On the diagnostic-side of the municipality and the localization in the two fueron ascendados los sacerdotes deberían haberse contemplado desde hace tiempo y ser visto con focos rojos. There are various evidences that different cartels were formed and there were infestations by the plaza, hence the fact that it was advertised by the prophet Jesus.

The perception about insecticide has crept in since it became popular. Entering the hexes and the perception that there was a difference between the official discourse and the ones we see and live our citizens.

This aspect has to be considered important by the President, because the parent who did not concede the relevance of the security issues appeals to the information that he has, the other two data.

The references to the President about the case of the Jesuits from the impression that there is no sacrosanct as well as how it is manifested in the collective imagination. But that is a very important thing, because the romp has limitations and the fact that the delinquency is stable is a surah of the selva in the donde without respect absolutely, which includes the templates or conifers.

The presumption of the battle against the insecticide crease, because the cotidianate we are constantly encountering situations of control. There is no end in sight to not registering balances, matanzas, asaltos, tomas de carreteras y communidades, teniendo como eje la safak mutgir llamada impunidad.

We know that the President will know very well that from time to time he is living in encyclopedia, the impression is that he loves the battalion in a theme that we do not know is fundamental.

The ascension of the Jesuits is a very sweet delicacy of those who are living in the day with the day and the state of things.


Covid nunca se ha ido, sigue entre nosotros y no se va a ir. Much like this and agolpándose for hackers prior to results with general positives. The various states have opted for the excellent school vacations. It just so happens that things are falling apart.