Inside story of running one of the cheapest petrol stations in the Midlands

According to the boss of one of the cheapest service stations in the Midlands, drivers may think that the ever-increasing price of gasoline is something that God sent for forecourts, but in reality there is a difference. Surprisingly, the Valotham servicemen who run the Beaulieu service station tell me how they are making less money from such high fuel prices.

As a small petrol station just off M42 between Red Dutch and Birmingham, the Beoley service station, also called VVS and Murco, is constantly fighting its weight in the price war with heavyweight supermarket chains. ۔ That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

“People think we’re making a lot of money from higher prices, but that’s not true,” said Mr. Cerviswaran, the owner. Can’t sell at a loss.

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“We have a lot of taxes and duties and we have to pay for running the staff and the business. We are being charged double tax, paying fuel duty as well as paying VAT to the government. I am sad. Consumers may think we’re trying to rip them off.

“It’s really harder when prices are high and it’s really good for everyone, including us, when prices are low. It’s especially good for consumers when we aim for low margins. We can sell more fuel. “

Holding a charity event with local school children at their Beaulieu petrol station in Velhotham Cervisoran Red Dutch

It is eye-opening to take a closer look at the various costs and taxes that petrol stations on A435 Alcester Road at Branson’s Cross have to pay. Statistics show that Mr. Serviswarn is earning only two and a half pence per liter after VAT when prices at the pump were close to 180p without lead.

According to a complex system, forecourts have to buy fuel from petroleum companies for this week, excluding VAT, but they have to add this tax later. Fuel duty is then set by the government, which is again subject to VAT. There are additional costs for supplier fees, including VAT.

This is when they have raised all taxes, managers can set a price to sell to customers so that overheads can be met and the business can be run efficiently and without loss. Make a small margin.

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The owner of a gas station, who runs a petrol station on Maple, explains that “this is how the petroleum retail industry works” and that frontline forecourts are “victims” of this, making “peanuts” in competition.

“To compete, your goal is to be the cheapest, but because of the war in Ukraine, fuel prices are rising and rising,” Mr Cervisvaran added. He believes that drivers who pay £ 2 per liter for fuel will become “very soon” until the Ukraine war is suddenly resolved – or if the government pays garages VAT on fuel duty. Closes

“I have been running petrol sites for 20 years and this is the worst situation I have ever seen,” he added. “The steady rise in fuel prices since the start of the Ukraine war is bad. Although it is not in our hands, it is in Putin’s hands.

Many Supermarket Forecourts, Such As Morrison, Are In The Top 10 List Of The Cheapest Petrol Because Supermarkets Can Buy Large Stocks As Early As Three Weeks.
Many supermarket forecourts, such as Morrison, are in the top 10 list of the cheapest petrol because supermarkets can buy large stocks as early as three weeks.
(Photo: Grimsby Live / Donna Clifford)

“Previously, the maximum fluctuation was about 3p per liter, but since the Ukraine crisis, prices have fluctuated up to 10p per liter. This is huge for a week, with petrol stations selling fuel at 140p per liter. Will be doing and the next day it could be. 150p

“I’ve always wanted to be the cheapest garage in the region and it’s generally well-received. But we’re losing sales right now because we can’t be the cheapest. Competitions are expensive. Supermarkets right now.

“Capacity is not an issue for supermarkets so they can buy for two or three weeks, so their prices are based on cheaper prices three weeks ago. All we have is to keep a little reserve and give us Will have to buy. Current price every week.

“It works for us when prices fluctuate and go down a lot because we can react faster than supermarkets, but when prices go up and down we get stuck. Are. “

“I think people get angry when prices go up and some consumers complain and it’s hard for our staff. We’ve been consistently cheap so far, but these are really extraordinary times.

“I fill up my car at my station myself – because nothing in this world is free – and it costs about 110 pounds to fill it up. I also feel the pain of rising prices.”

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